Hello all,
I'm a person who hardly ever remembers his dreams but a few nights ago I had a dream that the dollar would collapse some time in February or March. I feel March 22. I have just recently started to meditate and trying to open my pineal gland and was wondering if maybe this dream was a true sign? I would like to know what people think about this and if anyone else has had anything like this happen. Oh and also I haven't been able to remember any other dreams since either. I would appreciate any insight as to why I don't remember my dreams either. Thanks

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It does seem something is on the horizon for March, as I loath to predict more doomsday We will just stay tooned, lol. After all what can people do? Whatever they find out will not effect them one way or another. That is reality. Movies like 2012 really put the nail in the coffin for most as they think its just another 1999, although many things happened in 1999 and the transfer of power in this world took place then. It's like this. If you worked at a major intelligence base you would be constantly briefed on Galactic affairs. If you work at Pizza Hut you are constantly briefed on what kind of Pizza is to be prepared next. :-) See the difference. Any teacher must be aware when they are giving to the student something that will hinder them or bring about negative feelings before they learn to handle all feeling and thus all news from all quadrates and their behavior when receiving said news is that of a person who takes it serious. Active people will activate, those who cannot rise to the cause need not be on the battle field, it is clear the world is a duality, keep your armor prepared. They don't want Us to know who we are, where We came from, Our real abilities, the secrets of the body, hmmmm, that's an invasion. Gear UP



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