For at least a year now, every night, I have been struggling with the same dream, Even though the dreams can be remarkably different, they all have the exact same plot. I always dream that there are beings after me, and I spend the entire dream trying to get away.

 In my dream, which feels like days or weeks, I go from place to place, hiding and running, navigating and escaping, trying to save my life. All this craziness is becoming exhausting, I'm tired of running, I'm tired of being scared.

 I never actually come into contact with these beings at any time, I enter the dream in hiding and I leave the dream in hiding. It's very strange.

 I feel like there is a profound reason I keep having these dreams, and I have a feeling that I'm going to continue to have them until I can figure out what my subconscious is trying to tell me.

I have been working on my dream recall, but it's slow going. Any insight would be helpful.

Wholeness. =)

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Good day, what is needed here is for you to go at least "semi lucid" in the dream in order for you to get a positive i.d. on who these Beings are to determine what part of your consciousness they reside in. Any names mentioned or description of their appearance will assist. Further do these dreams occur when a candle is lit in the room while you are sleep? 

I feel you need to think about turning around, your guardian spirit will protect you. it is an aspect of your self your running from, a trawma a memory even mabe a personality trait. It may also relate to a person in your life which is destructive to your person even your job, and your subconsious knows but your consious is catching up, the great part is when you turn around youl find what your running from and its set free. your guardian spirit can not protect you until you face it. 


if your feeling heavy and cant move from the ground being like your walking threw deep mud with gumboots on and your running try stepping up out of the ground u can unbound yourself you can fly, having realisation in dream takes time but it sounds like your a little stuck for the way it get to this point. iv been able since i was a child so im not sure how to get to that point but the resistance and seven will be able to help with your dream lucidity and thats a must for your self protection and growth for even you guardian is an aspect of yourself.


Have you ever heard of multi-verses You are realizing that you are somewhere else.. If you could just try to focus while you are in dream mode to see if you can see them..writing down the dream right as you awake helps you to recall the dream vivd...and in color???? try writing what your surroundings look like...Like if there are trees, water, buildings..what's in the sky... and if it's day or night?



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