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In addition if you click on the link you must then wait a few moments depending on connection speed for the book to download, there is really no on screen indicator this is happening, just remain patient and the book will pop up in adobe acrobat.
Click the link and wait for awhile, there will be no indicator, then the book will open in Adobe Acrobat. 39MB
Back to the top you go.
hi i have tried several times to download the book and even just view but it crashes my pc.. the book wont download as it says it is damaged .. any help would be appreciated .. thanks.. ps i got to page 30 eventually but that was it
yes thank you for that i got it ok i appreciate that ..
i read the book and missed something related to the chant you were using. YOu made reference to it being later in the book. Could you clarify where this is located? Thanks

yes I also could not find the chant which was said to be given later in the book. where is it?

Namaste (Sanskrit for I bow to the self within you which is inherent in me ) Sevan,

I read your book. Code to the Matrix. I sincerely appreciate the effort you have put in revealing the code, and for all the other info you were willing to put in it. A Lot of stuff is very new to me, especially all the magickal aspects, and thank you for killing my curiousity in all those demoniac art forms in the seed stage itself.

However there are a couple of things which seemed to be glaring at me as I read along:

1. Sanskrit as a language, is written from left to right and not from right to left as you have mentioned in the book.

2. Siva is pronounced as "Shiva", with the "SH" sound, and not the "SS" sound... So is the case with SHakthi... So I don't think they are Saturnian entities or anything like that. Besides, Hindu religion is based on Sanskrit and not English. Hence it wouldn't be right in calling Siva, and Sakthi coming from Saturn or any other lower dimensions. The wise seers of the past seems to have referred to Shiva as the male aspect of that which can only be perceived, and Shakthi as the female part, Another interpretation being the internal nature v/s the external nature respectively.

It is interesting to note that the letter S has the most number of words in the dictionary. hmmm..

3. Simiarly, calling Kali as a demonic entity who appears ferocious is equivalent to misinterpreting the symbol which she represents. Kali represents the inherent potential also known as Kundalini, which when activated turns consciousness inwards towards that which is beyond and prior to the mind. The kundalini stirs up all the dirt which is suppressed within the mind for the seeker to see and let go by himself, and thus purifies the consciousness. Naturally, for the untrained seeker or the seeker who isn't willing to give up his ego ( most of the dirt being related to the ego or separation), it will appear as ferocious. But to the seeker who is willing to surrender his ego, Kali appears as the divine mother. Hence when you call Kali, the symbol for Kundalini, as a demonic entity who is from venus or anything like that, it is a little bit difficult to digest.

You haven't addressed Kundalini in your book as well, apparently denoted as a 3.5 coiled serpent in classical texts. I don't think this energy has got anything to do with the evil serprents, but has got a lot to do with turning our consciousness inwards towards the truth. The socalled h*** luminous are essentially human beings with activated kundalini in my opinon.

4. You seem to have explored Christianity, Islam, and Judaism fully. The only experience you have had with Hinduism seems like being referred the Bagavad Gita. Having been a student of HInduism, or Sanatana Dharma , the eternal dharma, I believe that the fundamental principles inherent in it is essentially what you have mentioned in the book, which is to go beyond maya or separation, towards that which is prior to the mind, with the Bagavad Gita being only just one of the many other ways to achieve yoga ( union) with the divine, by means of Karma yoga ( yoga through detached actions).

And what was interesting to note was the similarity between your views and that expressed by an orthodox hinduism sect - the saivaite tradition ( ) regarding sub conscious programming. As in not hurting any animal, not using any forks, to control what the kids watch in TV, whom they interact with and things like that. I believe there is some substance in the core of Hinduism. The deva's or the god's are treated as aspects of ourselves by the adept in the religion, the mystic in the religion.

With regard to Hinduism, even though I acknowledge how there are many out there who don't really understand the metaphysical symbology , and the different practices enshrined in that religion(which does not require any initiation), and are thus capable of only confusing a neophyte in its ways because of their lack of exposure ( most of which I got from this youtube channel : , I believe that calling Siva as an evil serpent because of a snake hanging around his neck ( a symbol for the kundalini) , and Kali another venus entity is not justified, and should be removed in my humble opinion, as has been revealed by ascended and living gurus in the different traditions of Hinduism.

I don't have any experience in astral travelling like you have had. But I would believe the words of realized beings( human beings who do not have a persona, and is fully living in the truth), in not claiming Siva, Sakti , and Kali as evil hyperdimensional ET entities.

i really appreciating you putting out these videos and making the book available for free. The youth who come across your book will definitely have their spirits raised to achieve higher consciousness, and the full potential of the human being.

Once again, thank you for all the videos. I can't wait to read your next book..

Wholeness Santhip, your views are welcome and I can easily see the confusion, the matter still lies with the actual experience.

For instance, you say "Similarly, calling Kali as a demonic entity who appears ferocious is equivalent to misinterpreting the symbol which she represents. Kali represents the inherent potential also known as Kundalini, which when activated turns consciousness inwards towards that which is beyond and prior to the mind."

Have you met Kali before? I find many of the people who practice Hinduism are completely naive to its true nature imagining everything if just a metaphor never realizing the play. First off Hinduism does not proceed the Persian Empire and the works of Zurvan, it has only taken from Persian lure after the division. So it is more correct to look at Persian lore and cross over the Deities. That is the only way you can follow them as they are constantly changing names and replicating themselves to cover greater territory but they still keep the right numerical equivalency which is the only thing of value, it is the value.

Sanatana and Sanat are still Satan to me no matter what anybody else says, its a Cabalistic thing which is why Cabalist remain superior when dealing with Jinn. Now the matter at hand is a visit to India, made one lately? You will witness countless mindless worshippers, this is the state that one ends up in when they have bequeathed everything to the local Deity, after all there are thousands in that Pantheism. Its not hard to tell that Hinduism has been infiltrated or may be the infiltration itself as Hinduism is now the number one problem next to Christianity and used as the deceptive tool for the New Age movement by instruction of Llamas, Gurus and the likes.

The play is the Saxon goes into these territories, puts them on a caste system, brings some ancient works to the forefront making sure to bring the negative forces while passing them off as good. That trident in Shiva's hand is still the same as all those who carry the trident and are blue. Until one knows totally what that means they have fallen in love with the lore not the truth, as a trident means only one thing.

Such is the matter with sacred geometry, it is able to fool the masses but not the Adept, the book was written 2 years ago so there is much more to add about what's going on in India but I don't think I will waste my time with Devas stranded on Devachanic Planes, the matter is rising higher, and you can be most sure many of the Deities masquerading around as lords can only pull that on the gullible.

To make it clear, anything that asks to be worshipped is a deception. One cannot say these Deities are not asking to be worshipped because they have millions worshipping them. Now if one wants to worship that is on them, see were it all leads. But as for the Resistance We will not worship and scoff at the idea. Man and woman need to come of their knees as it is obvious these gods have little power or they would stop their worshippers from being abused and manipulated as such.

Now it is a fact that many of the beings such as Shiva are found in the most exact books on dark magic. The authors of these books are the authority on how to bring forth dark forces, they have nothing to gain by putting a being in their book that is in all actuality here to help humans and assist in enlightenment as you say. There is more to lend with experience so maybe you need to talk to some of my friends who have visited India with an open mind and saw the results of leaving oneself open to the Guru and these Deities that are venerated so much but seldom appear unless one is willing to sacrifice heavy.

Be well my good friend, if it is the truth you seek you will find it, if you are simply looking to justify these devas it is a lost cause with me because I know what they are and I have seen people possessed by them after doing some of that special Yoga with those names that evoke beings rather than do the metaphor that they are described to do. They are left in space and emptiness imagining all is love never realizing its evol until its too late.

The latest sacrifice to Ghadhimai Hindu Goddess of power in Nepal. Of course she has one of those benevolent stories of transformation into the lotus blah, blah, blah. That's not what I see and if anyone else sees that they need to go within and figure out what is broke.

The wholeness in me greet the wholeness in you Sevan.. In other words.. Namaste Sevan..

I grew up in India for over 20 years. So am aware of what is happening. What you spoke about mindless worshippers running behind the devas, or gurus or the likes is true to an extent. However extrapolating it to the everything else woudln't be inappropriate

Shiva, and Kali has been mentioned not in just esoteric texts alone. They have been mentioned in devotional texts as well. There are sadhus or wandering monks ( most of who are fake - I agree ), in the parts neighbouring the ganges river, who worships Shiva and Kali for their whole lives, seeking enlightenment. There have been many famous realized beings in India who themeselves have sought realization through worshipping Shiva and Kali ( Ramakrishna Paramahamsa for Kali ). The hindu sects of Saivism deals with worshipping Shiva, and Shaktism deals with worshipping of Shiva and Shakti respectively. Both worship different deities/beings but ultimately enables one to travel inwards. So is the case when one finds their satguru. Satguru redirects one inwards, and shows them to the true nature that one truly is. Stopping at the worship of Shiva, and Shakti, and not taking the mystical journey is to completely lose the core essence of hinduism/ Sanatana Dharma.

Yes.. I have seen Kali before. ANd she is ferocious. The picture of Kali is nothing but a reminder that one should be willing to put down one's ego before the kreator ( she is cutting a persons head ), one is not the body ( her skirt is full of hands ), She will provide refuge ( the hand symbol which shows blessing ) if one lays down one's ego at her feet ( she is standing over shiva's dead body ). When one begins to absorb these aspects into one's life, truth slowly begins to show to oneself, as is the case with any mystical journey.

Yes. I believe Sanatana Dharma was teh eternal dharma that stood the test of time, and possibly could be the leftover of what Lemurian culture or the unifying culture we once had in the history of humanity. I have absolutely no idea about who or what zurvan is in persia. But there is plenty of reasons to believe that the true essence of Sanatana Dharma is to ultimately unify one with the creator that always IS.

Hinduism offers different tools to still one's mind, and nudging one towards the ultimate union with the Kreator or known in Sanskrit as Yoga. The pregnant term Yoga itself enlists numerous ways to be one with the creator, of which Karma yoga, or yoga through action is only one of them on which is propounded by the Bagavad Gita.

Am I defending the mindless worshipping of HIndu gods ? NO.. Am I supporting the idea that there is something beyond the surface of worshipping of gods, as a way to still one's mind ? YES... Does other religions in the world share the same thing ? YES.. to an extent.. For there is a mystical aspect to every religion out there, the aspect which forces one to go inward, rather than strictly sticking to the rules and regulations put forth in them by the winners in history.

The caste system arose because the britishers perpetrated a misunderstanding of what was nothing more than a scientific classification of human beings based on their inherent tendencies within them, towards knowledge, action, wealth, and physical actions. That is the sad truth my friend. But again history is written by the winners.

As you have experienced yourself, that an activated person is capable of activating others in their vicinity, the ancient gurus were activated humans, and their students worshipped them so that they may be personally trained by these gurus, so that the lineage could be carried on. How many of them are real or do they even exist? That I donot know, and one is advised to seek their own guru. But yes, times have changed, and so with it plenty of other stuff as well, leading to misrepresented truth especially by the new age movement.

Are there fake gurus out there ? yes... Sadly, I came to know about one more just recently in this month. One of those world gurus, turned out to be a fraud. Are there true gurus out there ? YES INDEED. Finding one's own guru is considered to be part of their journey. However one is told that when one thinks one isn't the physical body, then there isn't any need for a physical guru. The inner guru always guides.

It is only natural that when such potent powerful mediums to activate oneself exists, unless the ego is completely blown out, one will end up chasing dark magic for their own selfish reasons. I do not justify using ones own capability in any kind of dark magic. But one must be willing to acknowledge that there is indeed an access to the kreator through some of the yoga traditions that are offered. And yeah.. it isn't Yoga what is taught here in the west. Yoga is a vast science, which only the adept can master. There are numerous techniques, which are not only dangerous to oneself under the proper guidance of a master, can lead one to madness as well. One cannot learn yoga using a self help yoga book.

I have myself talked to individuals who are deeply knowledgeable in the true science of eternal dharma ( sanatana Dharma ) , which enables one to master one's own death. Out of which I have slowly transformed from a mindless worshipper, to a student of the mystical aspects of this religion ever since.

Peace brother

Namaste Mr. X..

Didn't mention the word moksha because I felt that not many would be familiar with that world. Hence wrote what it meant, instead of using the jargon.

Yes. Buddha did abandon the path of hinduism. Because that religion was getting lost in alot of external rituals or poojas and other external stuff instead of going within, and clearing up oneself from within at that time. Buddha was a revolutionary who tried to change the religion from what it was at that point of time. Unfortunately there were people like the Vatican in Hinduism's history as well, who wanted to control power and propped up a societal structure based on caste system, which was merely a classification of human beings based on psychological tendencies ( tendency to attain knowledge or knowledge about god, tendency to do actions for hte benefit of society, tendency to do business, tendency to do just physical work). However, to those who deserve it, and is devoted to it, unifying with the creator or realizing the truth that one is filled with creator essence was always there. There have been plenty of sages who have realised it in the history of Sanatana Dharma. But yeah, Hindiusm isn't equivalent to brahminism. Brahminism is not at all Hinduism in its true essence.

Buddhism itself has devolved to a religion of externalities. In some buddhist monasteries, females are not allowed. A realized being such as Buddha, could never have said that women are not capable of pursuing the creator, or they should not. However , the true essence of buddhism can be realized by a sincere devotee who is willing to surrender one's ego to the creator.

Your question was whether Kali was a represnetation of a mother who had a place for one when one dies or when the ego is dead, why should she be called destroyer of the worlds in that case, rather than specifically being called destroyer of ego or material.

I have been told that the only thing that is separating one from the creator is the ego. When one unlearns the ego through different practices, by stilling the mind, one begins to experience the truth. It is very hard to surrender one's ego to a cause, such as attaining realization. For in realization one loses one's identity and becomes one with the creator. The ego needs to be killed within to attain realization, by surrendering it to the kreator. Surrendering the ego is the hardest part in one's journey. Naturally Kali's form appears to be ferocious; so that the baddest enemy of them all, the ego , can be killed by an even badder god or Kali. She has been called destroyer of the worlds to indicate this ferocity which she assumes to kill the ego. This is the symbolic interpretation.

The actual legend of Kali states that after killing a demon called Raktabija, her destruction around couldn't be stopped, and finally the destroyer Shiva himself had to take her destructive power to stop her from destroying the entire world. However, Kali has also been attributed the benevolent mother aspect to the sincerest of her devotees. ( Hope you know Bhakti Yoga )

I don't know why she should be just called destroyer of material ego, or why she is called destroyer of the world. Perhaps the symbology in her depiction wasn't that much in public knowledge. Only a mystic is capable of recognizing these aspects of the journey from Kali's picture. The idea that the entire journey towards the creator is surrendering one's ego to the creator himself, rather than blind worshipping of a god to sustain one's desires, would be known only by one who has started going inwards within.

Is Kali just a symbol ? From an esoteric point of view, yes. Is she an entity ? She could be I don't know. I haven't met Kali in any astral travel or done any astral travel. However, when one becomes one with the creator, how relevant does entities become anyway, as they are seen for what they are, Different aspects of the creator's creations in this world of duality. Kali has been subjected to a LOT of treatment in the east. I don't even know how else she could be treated. However, I have been given guidance that Kali is better interpreted as a symbol for the journey of kundalini. I hope my reply has given you some clarity.
This link goes down from time to time, you can also use the tab on the top of the page that says "free ebook" or you can right click on the link on the first page of the site below the book and select "save as". Let me know if you still need assistance.



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