This is it, now the ball is back in your court everything you need to know is now at your grasp.

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The Code to the Matrix - Final Copy

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Namaste Mr. X..

Buddha's Dad was told at the time of his birth, buddha would become a monk. His dad gave him all the best things in life to keep him ignorant of all the sad things in the world. When he saw death, he realized he was ignorant and started his quest for truth. This is the version I am aware of. As you mentioned the latter version.

Finding oneself is part of the journey towards truth. I agree.

Maybe you misread what I intended to say about Buddha changing the religion at that time. The function of Sanatana Dharma, is to guide one towards the creator. When buddha became awakened and he saw that people around him weren't awake like him, he had to share the truth which he knew by going against the mistaken externalities of the religion of that present day, the mistaken hinduism, and then went on to preach his teachings. So in this sense, he did abandon hinduism at that time, after awakening.

A goddess or a god has been addressed with numerous names. There are like 10,001 names or synonyms or devotional praiseful names for Lord Vishnu, Shiva , Goddess durga, or even Kali. And I don't even know all of them. Different names being just different qualities of the creator. The basic idea was that, no matter what you call the creator, it is what it IS. Hence the possible origin of these names. So I don't see what difference it makes whether you call Kali ( a manifestation of the creator , or a symbolic representation of the journey), destroyer of the world or worlds. If one doesn't feel good use another ;) There are like too many names to choose from you see. :)

If you don't feel comfortable using Kali as a reference point, then its perfectly fine. As long as you are sincere in your journey towards truth, and willing to transcend your ego, and finally still your mind, nothing should matter at all. Truth shall set you free.

The point you mentioned in last para. Yes. I agree with that. If they don't really know what they are getting involved with, then they shouldn't be doing anything at all. There are many who send vital energies to the devas in India, and get a lot of wealth and prosperity in their lives. There are people who worships even snakes. Snakes are considered holy in India. Most of the beliefs are not validated by serious experience of truth. But merely following the traditions that were there. However the source of most of the traditions being Sanatana Dharma, very few has gone beyond the societal matrix to search for the ultimate truth of the creator. ANd in that journey, I could only see the richness of many of these traditions, when I saw the esoteric symbology behind it. There are numerous temples in India. But when one realises that ultimately one's own body is their own temple which they should be taking care of, and the temples that they build is only a representation of this idea, then the respect only deepens. The respect for truth which both of us share.

Yes. Vital energies are what the gods live on. Sevan has been elucidating on this. I wasn't really aware of that. However, there is always a starting place for one to begin. A mistake that one always has to do to realise that its a mistake. I see worshiping a diety to merely attain desires, as a mistake. But to see the god's and goddesses as various aspects of ourselves, completely changes the perspective one has on these gods or dogs or whatever. And the journey then becomes very individual in nature, one becomes aware of himself, and one is forced one to go within in that process. and ultimately go inside the creator essence of oneself.

Siddhartha never did really repair hinduism. But he did clean up truth, so that others could see it clearly. If hinduism at one point of time did enlighten lives of individual, then he was merely showing the essence of hinduism again, by getting rid of the brahmanism prevalent at that time. However after his death, his followers created a power structure, and the truth got diluted with time. To the extent that different schools of buddhism had its own expiry date in one of its texts. The monastic system is supposed to last not so long in its efficacy in delivering the truth, when compared to vajrayana buddhism which wont last longer than dzongchen buddhism. So much has been done in the name of one buddha.

And yes. Mindfulness is a beautiful word. I use a mindful clock which chimes every quarter of an hour to induce mindfulness.

But anyways.. yes.

Well. I should say. I am not awakened yet as in I am not a buddha or a realized being yet. So my words could be blind. So, I wouldn't really ask anyone to trust anything which I said above, except use their own intuition and common sense .
Before reading this, I had thought, that I was already awake. Now I truly real-eyes that I have only experienced different levels of sleeping. Sevan thank you for the time, meditation and higher energy that you put into this edition. Finding you was very timely or rather out of timely. I've got work to do.
Hello, I've tried to down load this and it said the file is no good and couldn't be repaired?
thanks deb...x
Is there anyway to purchase the book? My printer does not work and I would prefer to have a hard copy.

Wise eye

yesssssss i finally found it ,thanks so much sevan for this great gift i can't wait to finish it .


 "The Code to the Matrix" It is a fascinating read with a wealth of information. A great book for Ascension Class 101. Thank you Sevan for all of the work you put into it. .... The appendix was really interesting.  

So children will be stuck here in this madness??? That truly saddens me. I thought they would ascend as well???

The words, symbolism all like focusing tools to memorize, to give our energy and with enough energy and stealing our energy with fear which we put our emotions passion into the mix furtilizes the seed thoughts into having enough energy to manifest, even if temporary having no real life. Then the intention hidden is using the energy of a lot of people to play into their agenda. If we realized we are already co-creative in the interactive dark light of the womb of life, we would be about creating joy, pleasure, expressing, honoring and this energy has life and so it is very powerful and unconquerable.

Which is exactly why the book is now 3 years old and stands as a beacon to the beginning of the mindset when waking up. The latest post, check the timestamp, reflects the current disposition. Expanded, All is Self.  

Hello, Resistance community,

I would like to share my personal experiences while reading The Code to the Matrix.

Day one, after beginning this book I went to bed and had sweet dreams of geometrical shapes. I noticed from there on out if I read this book before bed I would get the sensation of deep meditation as soon as my head hit the pillow. The night I finished reading the last page of this book I was awoken at 3:13 am by my phone alarm going off (Note: I did not set it!). The next morning, I googled "3:13" and a section of the bible came up called Peter 3:13. It said "We... look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness. The heavens and the earth are not to be blotted out, but changed, purified, and made better for the home of the righteous."

...Mind blown! Anyone else have similar experiences while reading this book?

Yes, thank you for sharing the program. Explain the time stamp please.



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