As many things as We have to attend to I didn't want to let certain things move themselves out of the spotlight. So the latest dossier of the Royal families doppelganger - double effect has arrived. Just wanted to log it here.

The Fellow


The V


Ms. Prici

The Lads


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Ah, but they are not the only ones who come back....

Resistance 2010

Don't get me started. :-)
Hey, Terris. No, I meant 7.
this is very interesting
You got amazing ones!
We talked about this in "Fictional" Literature class today. You cannot explain to the frogs in the well that there is a world outside of the well because they cannot even imagine it.
Indeed a lion born in captivity has no images of what it was like to be free, thus he imagines his current setting is all there is. It is only when they bring in another lion from the wild that he may know the truth.
Katt Williams makes the same point also, using the tiger in the California zoo --
Minute 3:22
I feel it, too. Something strange, that is. I woke up the other morning with the word "apogee" going through my head, like it was stamped on my brain. I had to look it up - it's when the moon is furthest from Earth. Next apogee is 2/13.
the jester
Nice catch Choiceless, thanks for that Thoth link also in Skype.



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