Does anyone know anything about DMT??

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hey dear well our pineal makes dmt every night specially if your exposed to sun light and are in taking the foods that your body requires and drink lots of water  ! most folks pineal is calcified our modern diet is not food at all when you cook anything it losses its charge therfore youre just eating it for the taste and it taxes you for energy instead of giving you some ! the real defn of food is second hand sun ! plants fruits that take in the sun energy and produce fruits and eatable portions that store that energy those that re eating this way thier body is working at its highest potential its known now that one can live on sunlight there those that re doing it  ill give you a link for that here  its done when the sun is rising or setting that really decalcifies your pineal and harmonizes all your energies and you implode !:)  most just seek  to say theyre seeking but when they find they run away but there some beings when they find they merge i feel the highest calling for those that seek truth is to found out who and what they are beyond their bodies and minds !! and to remain as what they descover it since that is the one thing that will free one from all delusions and bondages to know thy self is the one thing i feel that will help you overcome any obstacle that might be in your way :) when you get a chance watch this video peace and love to you :)

Very beneficial im currently i the process of understanding myself on a soul level and was told DMT was something i should look into,Ill also try the sun gazing technique to release the DMT i currently have.

I have smoked DMT in the past and it was a massive catalyst point in my life.  Life has not been the same since, I have been on a journey inward and find myself learning so much and loving every minute of it!!  For me the DMT trip was a sort of affirmation of what I already knew deep down but couldn't access ordinarily if that makes sense?

There is a lot of information about DMT on the web so you can find heaps of good info.  It's serious stuff and if you don't respect it, you will know about it ;)


Don't smoke DMT, you WILL get ABDUCTED.

I'm serious.

Ive never heard that before have you known people who have been abducted?


Must be a circus in town, lets shut this s*** down

on these clowns.

Can I get a witness?


Drugs would that be right (juno rmx)

Wholeness Kimberly,

The choice is yours and only yours to make.  When someone says "don't" because of "this", that is their own story.  Others should not tell you if you should or shouldn't.  It's your choice and the implementation of fear by others should not alter your decision.

Do your research, learn all there is to know about DMT.  

Keep your mind clear, there is a saying that comes with DMT and that is "you don't find DMT, it finds you".  

Good luck on your journey Kimberly

Wholeness and Balanced Vibrations


Yes will talk on skype thow too much to explain!!you will get alot of negatives skype me@ nezza40 speak soon!!or join the group chat be well

i currently do not have a up to date computer or phone for there away you can direct me to the group chat

Here's a link i came across  yesterday...

Thanks brother



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