Above you will find a picture if a smokey quartz point...I and my friend have identified 4 unique "qualities" of this crystal...do you aee what we see??.....hint: Think "Wheres Waldo"...;)

I am curious to see what others gather from their perspectives...

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in the middle to the right i see... some people meditating! :D

Isnt that the coolest....and I can SEE how you WOULD see that my friend....good on ya!

Thanx for sharing!

i see some steps, like a fractured castle, warped geometry...

i'm wondering what you see now? 

i guess we will never truly see exactly what the other sees, else we would BE that other. 

Hehehe...kk....In the lower right corner...Ben (Words) and I see the sphinx-like old man...so blatant even I missed it for awhile until Ben showed me....THEN...I see a total of four faces in the upper left corner...it took Ben awhile to see these also....but isnt it beautiful how we see different things...and if we take a moment to show someone else (who is interested to see) our different perspectives....everything we ALL see is "truth"...even if it is invisible for the "moment"...if you have any trouble seeing the things we found...let me know and I can point them out to you on Skype sometime...if you would like of course....(((hugs)))


i wanted to thank you for making this post, and putting your efforts in a good direction sunspirit! :)

you are very welcome here. 

by the way, is ben registered on this site? 

i see the face of an older man with a long beard on the left side almost in the corner!

Hello Kaizen....I would love for you to elaborate on this one...if you please...:)

I am having trouble identifying that one....help me to SEE??

top square looks like a crown of some sorts to me. a disc with something vertical on what may be the front. below that is the older mans face and his beard.also looks like his lower body is there as well. to the right of his face looks to be like some sort of moth/butterfly or even perhaps a fan since right below that it looks like an arm. below the arm it looks like to be a shadow with 1 reddish eye. to the right of that looks to be a mickey mouse looking shadow. right above that looks to be stairs with a railing and a man working at a small booth. what i didn't mark was that above that small both it looks like a potential pyramid since i able to see multiple triangles. that's about what i see currently! so many interesting perspectives! =)


Kaizen..thanx so much for the detailed pic of what you see....

You see alot my friend!!!.....Awesomeness!!


I see leaves or feathers.

I see an archway or wall with a staircase up behind it, leading to a portal of light within the dark. Leading or going from (same thing).

I see the shadow self and the self (cleaned)
I see a dark shape, of a man or aura waiting to walk into the light at the bottom.

I see the memories the ancestors left made real on the surface. Lovely crystal.

WOW Mark.....O.O......what a wonderful collection of perspectives you have....you should do a whole teleclass on this one alone!!...I would love to have you point out these aspects for me....consider it maybe??  ;)

I see the face but that's about it. 



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