As I have been working on the new publication for the Resistance I have been away from the site a little more than normal. When coming into the site today I had to remove 3 posts that were disinformation. Let us all keep in mind this is not a new age network. We provide content directly related to ascension and being in the Know. In the event something is posted for review that we know is disinformation it is tagged as such and placed before members for dissection. 

If one notices when they go into the archive of this network they find a plethora of useful things. We will not have Our content deluded by posts that are not thought through. I would encourage all those that are thinking about posting something to post not just to have someone look at your post. Post something that you know will be useful or simply do not post. This will assist others in navigating towards what they need and not what will simply confuse them because it is spoken against in the Code. 

Furthermore We recommend all at least read the Code before they start doing heavy posting. Many answers are found their. For this moment while we are working on the new publication we are asking for all members attention to this matter in order to keep a handle on the disinformation. I'm also asking moderators that in the event they see posts that contain harmful and misleading information, that they remove the post. If you are unsure simply email me and put "Post in Question" in the title bar and I will get to it immediately. Wholeness. 

Sample Picture from Our new Publication.

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I just noticed the picture of Parcelsus in the lower right corner, anybody notice in the film Nine, the creator's book, the Annuals of Parcelsus. It is very brief glimpse of the title, but it jumped out at me had to pause and rewind and pause the screen to read it. I wikid Parcelsus a while ago and the Parcelsus they descriped was pretty much the father of medicine. Fascinating.
RE-READING the CODE TO THE MATRIX RIGHT NOW....I WIll keep my eyes open!



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