I had a dream of reading a letter from my son who is actually in prison appealing his
Case relentlessly . The letter stated that he wont C
I have never heard this word before but woke up with it on my mind
So i looked up its meaning and it means to surrender , admit defeat . Etc.

I am amazed because it fit the real situation perfectly .
Howw can i dream a word that i dont know ?
Any ideas ,Jill

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*Edit, now realize this comment may be unrelated to your brother's situation.


"recapitulation consisted of "recollecting one's life down to the most insignificant detail" and that when a woman's recapitulation was complete she "no longer abided by the limitations of her person."[1] She further explained that in the process of recapitulation one recounts all the feelings they invested in whatever memory they were reviewing."

"According to Kristopher Raphael, author of The Mastery of Awareness, Seeing Through the Eyes of a Jaguar, published in 2003, emotional charges blind one from perceiving reality as it truly is. Recapitulation is used to discharge one’s emotions so that they do not react and one can perceive clearly."



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