After I have fully awoken & seen the true matrix after my anger,I was drawn to seek more truth.a rebel my whole life,not falling for the establishment,I followed my heart,it taken me on the most wild dollar coaster ride I could ever conceive.after all were all imortal light beings living a human experience.what's time ?

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putting my brain in back seat & listening to my heart being of presence in the moment.eating close to the ground only therally checking its truly organic,being very aware , cleansing the heavy metals out,vitamins,minerals,iodine,essences of nature/spices,oils,studying all & experiencing .raising my vibration through trees,plants,squirles,rocks,sun,moon,stars,meteors.

I second all that you have stated brother, the veil has been lifted and as we continue our growth we innerstand the collective mind and that all around us is us. The truth is indeed within.

I just gotten home from our south Philly Ufo group meeting.many Ufo/truth celebs.,these psycos are " still " spraying chemtrails ,I'm not afraid or fear anything but common sense tells you we are at a very crucial point when the people must stand up and be soverign. so is the trial of wakeing people up , there " are " very important events happening behind the sceens. Where those in the corporation will have to choose where they stand .all the cool esoteric stuff won't mean anything if we don't take a stand.

true taking a stand is possible but tactically we are standing against some of the most advanced interdimensional beings running society in the universe. not saying its impossible. i feel like raiding some stuff people dont know about but i lack the lucidity to make any powerful impact as of yet. the people i saved though were totally worth it so i try my hardest to rebel when i can. im against the system in its entirety. but i also have to sit and obey because i have not yet the strength to alter the outcome tactics wise.

what do we stand for and how is that going to change anything. 



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