Hi all, 

Its all in the title!!! I just have a hard time concentrating, its really bad... I mean, im at work getting on with a task and its like my mind just up and leaves and im somewhere else.. Like my body and my mind are in two different places at the same time... I "wake up"/ focus again and i find myself doing the task. Im looking at a text , but my brain is not registering, or my eyes wanna look elsewere... 

Its really bothering me because, with that i have very bad memory... i mean its catastrophic!! I feel like i have no brain at the moment.. And it gets worse...

Im all over the place, "my ears keep ringing".. So i know somethings up, but all this is making me loose confidence and feeling quite low and sad..

I dunno what to do because even meditation is becoming difficult... I just dont feel myself... I can be quite dis-organised at times, but not like this!! It's eating me up!!!

But on the other hand im remembering my dreams more often, up to 4 dreams at a times. And my intuition is really hightenend. I almost know dialogues before they happen.. or something like that..

Id like to know if anyone has experienced this "madness"... 

Wholeness to all!!!


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