DETOX 101 – Introduction and background


Ok I thought I’d start some threads on what to do to detoxify the body.


Many have asked what can I do with no money in certain threads I’ve started so I will try and include some low cost options and also it goes without saying that these links and information shares are just what I have managed to gather from loads of hours of information downloads from the internet and research I’ve done.


Ok briefly so you know some of my background is Physics BSc and Acoustics MSc in the old left brain school of thinking.  So I have the sort of brain which enable me to process some of this stuff quite quickly and my “plate” and “appetite” for this sort of info is of higher capacity than some/most around me, but the internet is huge and we are communicating so…


In late 2006 I was about to hit a wall. Stress of relationships/work/life etc gave me a gift of RSI (repetitive strain injury) it stopped me dead and I was off work.  I did various things to heal myself and get well. Weekly massages, hanging upside down (inversion), destressing meditations, yoga, pilates, relaxations, cycling, nature… I met someone who suggested something…

I was a 6 day retreat run by a company called "School of Awakening". It was tantric for singles and as I was recently single I though what the heck (I later discovered) It involved awakening the kundalini using tantric and body activation methods re-discovered by a guy called OSHO. I did this in 2007 and have been on a journey since then. Reiki attunement, crystals, mediations, de-stressing, detoxing, you name it I’ve been investigating it.


Late 2007 my late father was diagnosed with cancers of the lung and 2nd brain tumours. Then I didn’t know what I know now (Detoxing/MMS / Liver flushing/healing), else it may have been very much different then… but I was meant to discover what I did to be where I am now sharing this information.  Anyone who is unfortunate to be in the situation to confront fear inducing cancer doctors telling you that you have 6-9 months to live are unlikely to come into this sort of information from the main stream (or believe it... fear means your brain doesn't process data properly).  I had recently swam with dolphins in Bimini and met someone who’d beaten breast cancer at 29, so I was of a different mind set to most.  Still I researched solidly for 5 months cancer and detoxing for my late father but it was not enough for the agressive cancer he had.  Also some of the things discovered were quite removed from “normal” everyday life and are not easily integrated into a “meat and two veg” left brain thinker like my late Dad's physical incarnation here.


In our desperation as my fathers condition degraded we visited a Harley street complementary / alternative cancer doctor who made it clear a few things should change.. including fluoride… Ok not too much more about cancer other than to beat cancer, detoxing is essential and life changing changes are needed asap.  As I was the one researching this for a loved one, this made me listen to it.  Ok, lets start detox 101…




DETOX 101.1 - Fluoride


Fluoride within the water supply, diet, food products and the health issues of it…


All because of some potential health benefits to strong teeth?  Bunkum!




If you are not yet fully up to speed on how toxic this stuff is reading these sites below may enlighten you / wake you up to the fact it is deliberate:   health issues of fluoride  More health issues and agendas  Why?  £$ and control maybe?  It’s in processed food – for good health of teeth? Or another reason?


Why ? What effect does Fluoride have on the brain and specifically the pineal gland?


Note the comment:  …. Fluoride's impact on IQ is exacerbated among children with low-iodine exposure.  (part of the solution below…)


Googling “pineal gland function” and the spirit molecule etc, etc may start to make you aware there is more to this than the quality of our health and our teeth!!!



OK.  On to potential solutions?


I think it goes without saying removal is the goal and doing this as close to 100% is what I follow.  Down to taking 2-3 litres of clean water to work everyday…


1. Remove fluoride from your toothpaste – 99% of them will have them and are mainly pushed by heavy mind controlled adverts about how white they will keep your teeth how they will reduce cavities blab de bla bla….. etc.  This will be a task in itself and can be made using certain ingredients.  A CSI episode had a mrder by toothpaste!!! It is in plain sight….


2. Remove fluoride from your water –  I distil my water see my thread below. There are two other methods which have been mentioned.  MMS and Ozone I have both of these but I don’t use them with just tap water so I haven’t investigated them fully here is what I do for my water but some may say this is over the top… or not enough…




MMS   - Sevan mentioned 1-2 drops per gallon in his Alkaline video conference


Another source of distilled, mineralised, structured water with additional medicines which your own body needs is within you:


Why Urine Therapy is so good by Dr David Jubb:


I do not worry about clean water now so much, as I know I carry THE best source for me… All I need is a glass bottle…


3. Remove Fluoride from your food – organic, home grown or ozonated vegetables… I try and eat raw or food as it grew and avoid processed foods as they are quite frankly toxic simple as that… or 99% of them are.  This is difficult away from the house and means 80/20 rule 


4. Remove Fluoride from your washing supply  - this part I haven’t addressed yet but I have details of what I need to do.  The whole house filter is an option but as things are transient at the moment I haven’t taken this measure yet.


I don’t use shampoo or deodrants so I haven’t investigated these but no doubt these are toxic too…


5. Adding Iodine to your diet will help remove fluoride (Chlorine and Bromide the other toxic halides)...


Ok that is the end of 101.1 for now…


Next 101.2 will be Mercury/Aluminium… and will need to bew in a few days...

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This is the good stuff thanks John!
an idea i heard a that you can structure your water using a strong magnet,the radio show i heard said that water tends to cluster and becomes less obsorbable into your system.The magnet is said to charge the particle in a way.I have been keeping my water next to 2 rows of neodymium magnets.It seems to soften the water but hay i dont know it could just be that the water has settled.There must be some kind of effect that magnets could have on fluids and foods ingested.a good alternative to alote of water structuring devices out there.



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