Wholeness And Balance to you all

Thank you for joining me and reading this post about Deprogramming, 

It Is a Summary And Exploration of the Skype Call Grop Chat we Had a few days ago.

Trust in the synchronicities which have lead you to this point in your journey, to lead you on

enjoy, sit back, and let the knowledge come to you.



Discs of light...

Which programs are you running, And which are running you?



There really is so much to give and pass on,

so I hope you'll enjoy listening to the recording and reading this information



What are words of power, and what is the power of words?

How does Deprogramming And Reprogramming relate to Activation?



How do we break out of cycles and circles,

and what does that even mean? -

Geometrically, Physically, Mentally, Spiritually



Pictures, explaining, expounding, expressing



Sources and further reading/listening/watching







Well, as time is by definition limited,

I'm just going to let my fingers fly and trust the right messages will get out to you.


Deprogramming IS healing, and healing is, in a sense, Activation

The words others have spoken to poison your minds and take your power away from you,

making you falsely believe that you must give it to them,or even unaware of the fact that you are doing so, will be changed.


They (words) are Physical things, which operate on a different and subtler plane, namely, the realm of air, 

words are within you, and still operating at this very moment, they may not be heavy, but they are very real!


I find this point which Carl Jung, one of the few more esoterically inclind psychologists made, valid:

"Any Psychic force present in a conscioussness must be replaced by a force of equal or greater value"


Everything is vibration, all is one, as such, WE EAT WORDS,

they are FOOD, perhaps in a different modality, but do you see the similarity?


The samehilarity? :)


Just as we eat what we look at with our eyes,

so too is our inner world conditioned and toned by

what we accept and expose ourselves to in the outside world;

This means either you must continuously change your outer environment,

Or it will change you


It is a shame so many are unaware of the fact they are even playing a game/ really alive,

as they would then very quickly upgrade to the next level of existence, namely, the conscious pawn;

looking out for which things are controlling one, still not entirely aware, but getting there :)

(oh, aren't we all)


Which words resonate with you? Which words do you find powerful?

Have you noticed how you are free to speak and say anything inside your own mind?

And as loudly as you want? In as many different voices as you wish? :D

YES, Yes you are. Free to do as you please.

Just remember there are people and creatures working to take away from you what you have,

so stay balanced and grounded and constantly "work" to expand; let life expand you :)


Here Is the Excerpt from The book, explaining the human bio-computer, And Chakras/Chakrams;

Discs of light - Energy Centres transporting In-Form-atIon



---Another good book, so much knowledge, so little time...

Or do we have as much time as we take?




So, What is the biggest Mind-Controlling agency on the planet?

How does mind control work (how do we deactivate it), and what is power...

Govern-Ment. That's right, GOVERN-MENT, the ruling of the brain; the governing of minds.

What else? After all, think about it? Is this not quite simply what it does?

Issue a code of conduct for your mind to follow? Rule after rule?

"Making" you Enthrone a False and Tyrannical Inner-Dictator? Judging and subduing yourself,

in the worst case? ;)


Why does government exist?

Apparently because it is needed, but on a deeper level than that, Because it can:

because one person (or life form), at one point in time, decided they wanted other people to trust in them,

and give them their power, and because those people accepted and gave their power and trust to them. 

How does mind control work? Mainly with this one very simple method;

gain peoples trust by telling them things they already know are true,

and then tell them to do something because they trust you.



There is Benign and Malign mind control- your parents for instance, raised you,

mostly with good intent, they wanted you to be able to adjust and survive in the world,

and gave you some concepts and material posessions so you could begin your journey. 



The Second way being: Tell people something is going to happen,

and that they need you to understand or survive it in some way,

At first, they will not believe you, and so when it does happen, they will come running.

Often, this is a type of predictive programming which the controllers use; an event (say astrological alignment) will be very likely,

and then they will pretend to protect you from it, when they are in truth the ones manipulating it in the first place! 



Then there is of course Psychic Attack, Direct mind control.

You can sould say, all physical and passive systems and structures are a filtered down version of this

so it is the most potent and dangerous, and the one I know the least about, Psychic protection is difficult,

we must train our minds to resist attacks, and be sure we do not wish to let others overtake us.

I have myself noticed how weak the barriers are people have,

by mistakenly making them say things which they were not planning on saying,

as well as having been attacked by others, woops!



Expanding: Breaking out of patterns and Entropy (Devolution/Atrophy/The "Law" of Thermodynamism)

Reversing the flow; Respiring/Aspiring, Consciously Directing Evolution, Reversing Entropy.

How do we do it? Stay in the now. In the know? Yes, in the now.

Observe patterns in nature and non-nature,

Pi, Phi, and Bi... Binary code progresses rigidly, simply adding the past on 1,2,4,8,

Phi Spirals and builds things up and seems to the doorway to creativity.



0. Whole/ All

1. Be the one; neo, be the one! - Perfectionist

2. Be at two with yourself; get things done, have some fun, see both sides - The Helper

are you a joker, or a fool? Oh wait you might be both, sorry I was in the swimming pool

3. Family... The first "real" shape, "stuck in the middle with you" - The Producer

4. A Door, nature, The elements - The Gourmet (savours the worlds flooding through their doors)

5 Aether, Man, yes, this tells us something. High Phive! - The Sage

6 Merging of triangles / Forces, Solomon's Seal and 666 - The Breeder

7, The indestructible, Ephemeral, Uncrushable, Visionary - The Guide/ Artist

8, Double Cycle... A Loop-oop oop - The Leader

9, Maximum Spiral outwards, A fractal experiencing the outer limits - The Mediator


10. Completion, 1 and 0 merge, infinity meets the finite. - All within the All


The Spiral Beckons

Can you meet it? Drop the Circles and Cycles and charge some Phire whilst you Respire to Aspire! 

2: Pictures, I-Magi-Nation,

The duality between the thing (picture)

And the observer (Consciousness!)


All "things" are conscious, fulfilling their life's quest on their way back to the source,

to varying degrees of intensity :)


Cycle, ascend, descend... 

Enjoy the flow and rythm of life, work with your body, not again it


The Greeks knew it as the Caduceus Coil with the pine-cone at the top, 

This is why we see the pine cone in many places in the west,

Also, it was the staff of hermes, the thrice greatest, speaking of thrice greatest...


Christ, Crystal, King of Kings, Could he be King of King-Doms? 

A Symbol... Hmmm.

I remember reading the alchemical de-ciphering of INRI being- by fire,

nature is renewed (instead of simply initials).

Well, that's one way of look at it! 





was la-di-da dali trying to tell us something?

It looks like he may have been in the know,

as when you fold and unfold this cube, you get an interesting shape.


hypercube / Tesseract! 2d 3d 4d! :D


It moves... omm, somehow it reminds me of my own mind;

it looks like it can travel through time, wait, that's what we can do with our memories,

is it not? Wow! Correct! We can time travel to re-set matter and De-Program and Re-Program 

ourselves, Wow, that's some real Top notch metaphysical mumbo jumbo you got going on right there! :)

I think I'll use it! Thanks!


Crystals in the Pineal Gland (3rd eye manifestation)

at 12,000 Times Magnificence, I mean to say, Magnification.


The Crystal is indeed the Christ-ALL; The CHRIST WITHIN ALL.


The Cryst-Al In the centre of your mind


Many wish to meet Christ, but who will go up stairs to activate their own Cryst-Al? 

It's merely a matter of activation


It is time, Let us remain in the now, and the know.



The Tree of life, internal, external, Blueprint for all creation, relates to...


Meta-Tron's Cube! ;)

(circles are the first shapes, and create all others within them, a line is masculine, a circle feminine)


The Chakras and worlds of Creation, spirals... Bridges... 

Mind Crystalized as Matter.


All great minds discover it at some point or later,

Notice how 0 degrees / 0 point is at the same place as the "Dan Tian" 

The chinese term for energy centre? 


Of course, it's not all just fun and game, this weather manipulation (H.A.R.P) technology Located in Exmouth australia

looks highly suspicious, with its odd use of sacred geometry, and the way it has scorched the land.


"we showed them the cube, and still they did not think!!!!!!!"












It really is all within, and our within really is the without for something else! 

We are to the planets as our cells are to us.

If Infinity truly exists, that must mean that the version of you which you want to be,

already exists!  All potential things which can be, ARE.





When you feel and see that the external is a reflection of the internal,

and your body is constantly telling you what to do to get in the know,

Then you realize what a master-piece Creation truly is ...Wholeness... 



"I see"

...Eye... C ?

Do we?


I hope you see! :)

It's all here and there, For you and me :)











3. - Sovereignty: Claim your power and independance/individuality

Know the Law, in reality it is called "Mar-i-time" Admiralty Law, what's Mars got to do with it?


Cycle Your energy; Activate! :D

So much material on our site, in our library, You need look nowhere else / now here!

Sevan's guides to whole body breathing, meditation & Crystal guidance: 

Whole Body Breathing and Crystal Meditation 

check it

Cryst-Al, Christ-All. Focus your light 

"If you make your eye singular your whole body shall be filled with light"

More Info on the Tesseract, Metatron, and Geo-Me-Try 



clothing for monks; consciousness, clothed,

what quirky sense of humor those sneaky ones have.

The Anagram machine, wonderful for working out those words, swords and Back words/ Backwards.

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thanks for the reply... wanted to say there are plenty of words and concepts to decipher even within my post... that's why it's so important to decipher and absorb the spirit of what's being said and not get hung on on the words, the swords... they are pointy and edgy and you'll get cut by swinging around your own light.



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