Can anyone check out my sons writings , he thinks he wrote a new revelation he has some beings speaking to him . It is very odd , i don't know what to think is he psychotic or possessed? And how can i help him he is currently in prison for a ridiculous reason but will be out in 2015 scared to think where he will go with this mind frame
The book is at
If anyone can check it out i d appreciate it
Thank you Jill

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thank you Sean for your understanding
( or inner standing :))
I agree so much with what you are saying
The problem I have with it is that he is acting
Like a Christian fundamentalist with his
Own religion looking down on every other
Idea but his own whenever I send him
Something to read he throws it away
That's the part that makes me worry
Something evil is giving him ideas

Though we are carbon based & we live in a carbon based environment, there are some of us, for whatever reason, where the veil between worlds are thinner. It is a gift ....& can be a curse. Prison is a very limited environment  for getting support and understanding. I hope you are allowed to visit him and can give him encouragement. As a mother, it must be hard for you but you have more power then you may know. The connection between Mother & Son is extremely strong. Envision the cord between you and see it still connecting the two of you and send him peace, love & light to give him calm & resolve. I hope he is not in extreme mental anguish. I have women friends who have sons in prison like you and we talk regularly about different aspects of prison life. Great prophets are born there! Sometimes it is the only way to get them in a space where they can open up to Spirit because on the outside they are so distracted with being young and being gullible with what the world dangles in front of them. See if you can find a support group to assist you with your strength as well. Stay strong Sister. Life is not happening to is happening through you....and through your Son.      

He actually is doing surprisingly well in prison
He hasn't gotten into any fights and helps inmates with legal work
Because of his extreme intelligence
He is quite paranoid though of the government
Which I cannot blame him
I feel like nobody I can think of
Would understand
The answer is always he needs medicine and I
Should try to convince him of that
He does not like the effects of
Antipsychotics I am just afraid of the situations he can get himself into
On the outside where nobody will understand him

How is your son?

This actually makes a lot of sense so far I've skimmed through most of it but can tell none of this is literal. This revelation really sounds a lot like alchemy of the body which could be the acsencion process maybe which is really cool. Only more reading/study can tell.



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