I was with my partner for appx 7 years.  At the beginning of last year he began acting different in many ways.  I left the relationship keeping minimal contact by email and phone.  December 2010 I recieve word that he died.  I waited for a month before telling the kids (who were almost 3 and 5.)  


Now fast forward to the past couple months.  I meet an asian man in the park.  He takes an interest in my kids and then me.  I am in no way attracted to this person, but am nice to him, talking, helping him with english etc.  Suddenly, I find him wanting to call, contact on fb, come over to our place.  He has never made any type of suggestive move towards me whatsoever.  Always wants to bring the kids things (that they can not have) like sugar foods, ice cream, etc.


Well, this week he went to the store and came back with this thing that my partner used to buy for my son (which would always become an argument.)  It is filled with artifical food dyes and sugar.  My mouth dropped as I saw him come to my son with this thing.  Then the man 10 min. later is sharing how he has had a dream the night before (for the second time) that he is being 'held down.'  He had a terrified look in his eyes sharing this dream in his broken english.  He had to get up out of bed the whole night with all lights on in the house.


After he left our home I felt like something was strange.  Then had a thought of...did my dead partner take over his body!?  Because he is saying and doing things that are similar to the kids father, my partner. THAT night I had a dream,a Peruvian shaman was visiting me in the dreamtime.  He transformed into the Asian man.  He wore a papaya coloured cloak and had musical instruments...anyway. My perspective on what occurs after death has changed over the years.  At this point I am not sure what the feeling is.  I want to share this to ask others feelings/perspective...because something is feeling strange about this whole situation.


Today the man says to me why do I take the kids to a nanny one day per week instead let him watch them when he gets out of school....to save me money.  Now these 'could' be simply 'nice' gestures, but I have a gut feeling which tend to listen to...something??          

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interesting post sister

From what I've read, the energy that animates a body does have the ability to temporarily posses a body. Or at least there are no laws in nature that could prevent such a thing from happening. 


I found this info in the UCADIA. It is in this section http://one-heaven.org/canons_ecclestiastical_law/article_0480.htm 


Also, if you click on the "Index" tab, you can go back into the section and look for what ever topics resonate with you. 

I would recommend for this situation, articles 36 & 39.


This would just give you some info on the subjects. maybe get you started on the path to find out more



Thank you for the link.  I will look this over in depth.  I really would like to know how to tell if my partner took over his body and if so...what to do about it.  Of course this man's english is not too good so to talk with him about these things...is not happening.





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