With the increase of electrosmog and other disruptions to balance.  These deswitching exercises really work, instantaneously and by the time you do the fourth step you can tell that they are working.


There is a link to this website below.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Sg6BZAUU8


I have been enjoying everything here and am glad to be able to share this one thing.


Many, many thanks everyone!  And, you, Sevan for creating this possibility. 


DeSwitching Exercise

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This great thank you Delphine I will incorporate these in the morning Usually what I do is close my eyes and look side to side for about a minute like the number 8 technique, To harmonize the two hemispheres of the brain before I get up. But this set of exercises are a great find Something else I use to do alot but have been slacking on is writing with my left hand Notice how he criss crosses his arms, knees and elbows I always knew that was important . I believe he said the reason is because the " pyrimd nerves are crossed in the brain" but great info and excellent to do first thing in the morning.
I sometimes do the deswitching exercises twice....once in the morning and once at night before bed to reboot and be free to receive while asleep.  I really like how quick they work, as well.  Thanks for your feedback.

Thanks for posting

I am going to try this, wholeness



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