Hey, just wondering what you guys think about De Ja Vue. Why it occurs and what does it mean? For me, I see it and an affirmation that my life is moving in the right way. That at some time or place I have done this all before and that the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. Anyway, your thoughts please.


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Yeah i think it's similar. But I think with De Ja Vue it's more of a feeling you get and then think it's something you've seen before. But with my dreams I am 100% sure that I dreamed it before, because i remember it very well because it's such a strange dream. Anyway I hope that my way is the right way even though it feels like I have now control over it.

Only you can know what's your right way, if you feel it's working for you. Got the believe in yourself, There is no one else that's gonna live it at your place. That's what's so magical !

True true ;) I do believe it's working for me right now. I just hope my dreams will be oke next year ;P

For me, Deja Vu became a negative phenomena. I would always have increasingly frequent episodes of Deja Vu (oftentimes for minutes at a time) as the manifestation of panic attacks my senior year of high school. Growing up, Deja Vu was never an unusual thing, but in the past year and a half, stresses in my life made Deja Vu a frightening and nightmarish thing. I would describe my Deja Vu as NOT seeing the future or reflecting a dream, but as a sense of time dilation in which in a single instant of hyper-arousal, I'm flooded with data about what I know is going to happen / has already happened. It makes me feel anxious because it makes me feel like something in my mind or my spirit is out of balance.  

I had my most upsetting episode right after I woke up from an incredibly lucid and transcendent sort of dream in which I saw things which I have trouble duplicating in words. The dream was rather positive however, and I believe there was a deity of some sort in this dream (depicted as a plump black woman with dreadlocks and colorful beads) who transported me from place to place in a very strange black-diamond floating vehicle. Trippy to say the least!

I'm wondering if anyone has thoughts on this? Could the Deja Vu be part of your subconcious trying to wake you up to something? Just like symbols in dreams (and nightmares, and night terrors) are trying to wake you up to things you need to face in your reality?

Also! If Deja Vu is a warp in spacetime as you shift your consciousness to a higher realm of being... why do so many people have it, and why is it so useless as a psychic ability? Also, why does it often happen so much in cases of anxiety, and people who have seizures due to epileptic or drug -related brain issues? Do you think Deja Vu causes temporal and grand mal seizures? Or do you think the seizures cause the Deja Vu?

Let me know what you think! I've been concerned about the Deja Vu issue for some time now...

Thank you Val, and indeed everyone for their perspectives.

What if somehow one were to become wedged outside of this dual system, for whatever reason not investing themselves fully into it, so part of them was always external to it?

This would make sense for another key someone gave me. - Many thanks to that passing traveler :) who took the time to reach out, it was heard where it was needed.



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