Hey, just wondering what you guys think about De Ja Vue. Why it occurs and what does it mean? For me, I see it and an affirmation that my life is moving in the right way. That at some time or place I have done this all before and that the Universe is unfolding exactly as it should. Anyway, your thoughts please.


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I have been having a LOT of Deja Vu Latley and I read a few years ago that it just means that you are on the right path. Much Love! :)
I definitely agree with your theory JC777 because when i have had deja vu, i always feel like I have dreamt it some time before...
Thanks you guys for your reply's.

JC777, what a wonderful explanation, I had this exact feeling today at work.

Once, the first time I did a whip-it (you know, from the co2 exhausted into the balloon and inhaled), as I was hitting it, I was on my friends couch and went into my sub-conscience somehow and realized I had a dream just before I woke up a while ago about this exact moment and I said exactly that. It seemed to be coming to me sort of as if it was happening somehow in and in the back of my head. I remember thinking it was a strange dream when I had woke up but just went along with my usual routine n forgot about it.


Which reminds me, I had thought recently, what does physical chemistry have to do with that type of phenomena? Because as it appears to me if u introduce the input of some  external "energy" source into the physical body like say caffeine in a certain chemical composition can in certain circumstances alter your perception of reality and thereby alter the possible potential of the experience , as if on a consciousness gradient (Hi/Lo frequency range). So, how do these "chemical" things play a role in actually tapping into these higher consciousness states that actually effect reality beyond time?

I am totally familiar with the late great Terence McKenna, he was one of my first "teachers" on my path. Actually right off of Deoxy too.. !


It makes more sense now that I think back about it, it is all a chemical composite of structured form, and it is a living language, so naturally there must be keys that reflect in our experiences that do have substantial potential to alter the effect of how we perceive reality on a greater scale than usual. Guess that would be part of that learning process like what Sasha Shulgin's work entails in respect to bio-physical chemistry.  


And on a side note, I was introduced to the inner-standing synchronistically after I posted this that indeed the pineal is located around that part of the brain where one would perceive deeper realms of consciousness coming from say the behind within. What must be the physiological hard wired experiential triggers that alter perception on those levels besides introducing outside chemical agents? (Letting that last Q gestate)


There's really a whole lot to consider in a discussion like this I think.

wholeness family. to put another spin on this, i don't know if u would call it de ja vue exactly-last year i saw someone in the take-out restaurant on my way home. he was older than me, maybe 10-15 years. i could not stop looking at him. i KNEW i knew him from another life!!! we (here on this cycle) were from different cultures, and i know i did not know him. i saw him several times after that and we both had the same look on our faces. i could not shake that feeling that he was someone very important 2 me in another life!  i found myself trying to catch glimpes of him b cause i knew he worked in the market across the street, and i knew about what time he went 2 eat.  this has never happened 2 me b 4. any ideas on this? 

Greetings Family,

 My experiences with Deja Vu were during the 1st few years of life. My family was military so we moved across the country every 18 months. In the United States; always by car. I remember as early as 3 my relationship with beings that were not visible. I have a theory about that but Deja Vu being something else was extremely strong after we returned from Panama which was the only place we lived 36 mo.s 

I could be in the car traveling through a State and recognise locations I had never been to. I had seen these places many times in my mind and knew what lied around the corner. These were haunting feelings because I felt something important was left there in that location and I needed to go back and find it. I had repetitive dreams of these locations both before the event happened and afterwards; it was I who was left behind in my dreams and in the dreams I was trying to locate family or someone to find me. This location I can discribe somewhat still.

 Other Deja Vu was nothing quite intense but it was moments of familiar situations which felt more like precognition.

I used to experience the 1st when I was young.

 I can relate with the second alittle more  these years but not exactly the same way.

I re-dream locations within dreams. They aren't the same dream but same locations.... many familiar things make the dream world just as real and important.

 I guess that is a little jungian psychology on my part but it can be said; "we all have a safe place where we can think and resolve issues, problem solve and connect with either "self" or other influences"...


"Interesting indeed"..... for me it's the ocean or large body of water...

I remember hearing that dejavu is when your brain processes something twice before noticing, causing you to feel like that moment had already happened, when really is was just processed again a millisecond later, something along those lines :)

yo Matias, 

I feel you on that one. I really think De ja vu and dreaming your future is a little bit different. As I said.. because i am dreaming such a strange dream I remember it clearly. So when I actually live the dream I am 100% sure i dreamed it. Dejavu can also be a similarity in memories and switch something in the brain which makes a moment seem like you have lived it before.
And Miguel, thanks. I know that the universe is full of magic, but still explainable. It's just hard to understand what is behind these dreams that i'm having. hopefully 7 might have an answer ;P

Thanks for the reply's everyone ;) 

To confirm you about what everyone had said, It comes from the fact that when it happens you shift consciousness to a different string of dimension where you'll only be but increasingly learning and ascending. It also has a lot to do on what you had dreamt, there is a sync with what you are thinking, the image and the space-time fluctuations that make you have a glimpse (or a complete minute, hour or day) of Déjà Vu. I crossed on these often and wondered too on what would it mean, when I simply got the answers from beyond. You can also have déjà vus of déjà vus, that's really crazy.Welcome to the universal magic of exponential creation.



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