I  came across a site today which shows David Icke as a Freemason.  I thought he was against the reptillians, greys, etc.... Something is wrong with this picture.

Click on the link below to see for yourself.  David Icke is the third person from the left with his masonic attire on.  

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It's soooo fake! I'm not a big fan of David, however I do have great respect for what he does. I don't have his strength, you know, go public with my real thoughts. Too many sheep in this life. You know, when they hear things which go against their 'known world view' they turn into a pack of wolves.
I don't have his strength, you know, go public with my real thoughts.

Yes you do, brother. Better to be despised for what you truly are and truly think, than to be loved for what you are not.

You are not alone in this. Be strong.
Just got a reply from the rocketmail address on the site:

Dear Sir/ madam
Below is a statement from our press officer
Statement from W.Bro Harper.
Due to a media leak our small site has been push out it to the public eye, the idea of our website is just for our members to check meeting dates and times, or to check the latest and is not ment for the public to read or quote.
In 2005 we decided to use blogger for cheaper and simple reasons, as our own domain website was costing around £400 per year to keep, we decided that this would be best given to charity.
For some reason, google has mistakenly add our site to its listings and will be taken off soon.

Recent emails/FAQ

Our members:
Thank you for your interest in our Lodge, I also thank you for your polite email, asking about our members.
At this time our lodge does not disclose who, or who are not members or of our lodge.
Nor is this a yes or a no to any questions of membership.

Ryde Lodge Website:
I decided after a long meeting with Media45* to remove certain pictures to keep certain members identity secret due to there work or there status in the public eye.
All picture are Copyrighted under our lodge.
Open Day:
I you would like to have alook round our lodge and temple I can arrange for this to happen.
Please respond with a answer.

Our Lodge History:
The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Isle of Wight,
, granted a dispensation to The Lodge of Angels Lodge No. 91.

The Charter was issued on January 16, 1857 and the institution and consecration took place on January 23,
1857 in the lodge room of The Lodge of Angels No 91.

The Lodge of Angels Lodge may be considered the mother lodge of Ryde No 698 Lodge as the majority of its charter members came from The Lodge of Angels, hence why the Ryde lodge to older members till sticks as the Lodge of Angels.

On the Isle of Wight, old lodges still working are Medina Lodge No. 35, which moved to Cowes from London in 1761, followed a little later by "Antient" lodges Albany No. 151 and East Medina No. 175.

In those days the Isle of Wight was a separate Masonic province in its own right. Thomas Dunckerley became its first Provincial Grand Master in 1772.
It remained a separate, if small, Province for almost a hundred years until it was amalgamated with Hampshire on the appointment of W.W. Bramston Beach as Provincial Grand Master in 1869

The Ryde lodge No 698 was the last Lodge to be made under the The Provincial Grand Lodge of the Isle of Wight.
Thank you again for your interest into our lodge and I thank you for your polite emails and look forward to meeting you on our open day if you are able to attend.
Your truly

W.Bro N. Harper.
Press Officer
I'm not exactly a massive fan of Icke, but that is not him. The guy in the picture is too old, has a fatter face and is too short to be Icke.

And if he was in on it, then why did the very media that they own, publicly bring him down and forced ridicule on him for over 10 years.
heres some info on david icke agent of deception


and more agents of deception


ive read a few of his books. i figure id be dead if i opened my mouth the way he has...so who knows what his angle is.
if you go to Youtube and search (David Icke is a Disinfo/Counterintelligence) there are some posts.... He did come up through the Media and Sports two places where they pull from for this kind of thing so??????

It seems to pigeon hole people and theories is part of the process to casting aside the desire to set up camp and rest one's head. Perhaps throwing the whole tent into the abyss is the thing to do whilst still maintaining ones due diligence in critical thinking with research..

How does one really prove an experience to another anyway? Out of the 5 physical senses, the eyes do deceive us the most, but when it comes down to 'it', there is no other way then up. Every time the comfort zone gets smashed to bits, the real you bounces back higher than before--leaving the broken pieces of illusion behind. Endurance to keep moving 4ward. Getting out of the busy mind is good to experience--('going outta my mind!!!')

So there may be a false flag alien invasion and/or staged 2012 olympic terra - ist attacks as a means to roll in the solution of safety via one world gov't, religion, and police force. It's not going to work, and I speculate that it was never meant to. they could have been convinced in order to jump on board with thei elite entitlement of wealth and power, name and fame amongst the wicked, but their deliberate dna mutations debilitates their human genes for empathy. They are victims too if one subscribes to the blame game.

round and round we go

This photo does look photoshop like Sevan said he arely has a neck and his face looks its melting to the side. Also hes much taller than that. However I do have some concerns about him as he making enough money to live the luxury life but at the same time I find him to be one who goes public about such information. Beside I found his information to be very good but I did not like he's rants as that could get the reader very angry about being in such a situation



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