I  came across a site today which shows David Icke as a Freemason.  I thought he was against the reptillians, greys, etc.... Something is wrong with this picture.

Click on the link below to see for yourself.  David Icke is the third person from the left with his masonic attire on.  

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Heres a picture from the website to view.

Can you send me the site that discovered this so We can investigate this thoroughly. Thank You
yeah please post the web address here. id also like 2 have a look at it
The moderator on his site just slammed the door shut on my thread! It took less than two minutes for them to burry it! Not good for Mr. Icke... Doesn't mean all his work is crap... Noone should have been believing one person completely anyway.
god save the queen
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englands dreaming...........
I wouldn't jump to conclusions very fast, We need the link, plus that guys neck is just about missing in the picture, so it may be a photoshop job. We need the originators of the site, Masonic sites tend to not be on blogspots.
As I thought, the picture was photoshoped: http://www.davidicke.com/forum/showthread.php?t=109773&page=13
I would still want the evidence and unless the Mason is a part of some mystical detached lodge of renegades that never got infiltrated, they would have to exit stage left of the lodge as York Rite Masonry and Scottish Rite Masonry are going by certain books that all equal one thing, as they contain the names of the same beings.

The new Traveler is no different than the new church member. Where you are caught standing is what you represent. The other thing about blogs is it makes it very difficult to get the blog creators info, Seekers need to be one this because it is of value to know before disinformation begins as something of this nature can be very viral. I want to know who is behind this.

Personally I have a lot of respect for David Icke and Credo as they both go together, so this will be a worse blow then Project Camelot if true. So that is why it is of the greatest value to, investigate first, never trust what you see with those mischievous eyes :-). One thing about truth however is it will rise to the surface, and if its discovered that something is up, gon be hell to pay. Resistance style.
....total hoax............
this discussion must be really old because the stuff about icke being a mason was out long ago. if you go to his site he has a whole piece on him being a mason and how absurd it is, that photo was photoshoped my an agent. Why would he be spending his every waking moment fighting against them and doing 8 hour lectures all over the world. David icke is the man and we should all be so grateful for the tireless work he has done ;)
To Son: Wow! Great research for this pic. I had no idea that Jordan Maxwell was a member of the church of satan. I knew Sammy Davis, Jr. was a member. Is Jordan still a member or active in the church today is the question?



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