i have always wondered..why is it that light hides...why is darkness the seeming constant..
let me elaborate..
when the sun comes out..the blue of the spectrum conceals the stars and the seemingly "night" sky..
at night, truth comes out..we see the glory of the skies..even the illusion of time results from the absence and presence of light..
my question is, where is the dark star, where is the source of the far reaching dark..
even as we sleep ..we return to the dark..is the dark the truth and light a deceiver..as in lucifer, son of the morning..
i believe the dark is the all mother since the night sky is the true reality despite all our lights..our planet earth is rotating in the dark space..
why do all religions report of light coming from darkness..
the dark is the source of all..the creator?..look in between the stars...whats that..
all we know, we have been told by men prior have always wondered..why is it that light hides...why is darkness the seeming constant?.

despite the hundreds of thousands of star systems and galaxies, still the dark vault has not been extinguished..it somehow starts to seem like the sky of the uni/single verse..is the dark like the blue of our planet's sky? .concealing something..is it a veil?..another illusion of a reality we are fond of?.the darkness is used by the creators to manifest their creation by 'let their be light'..
The dark particle is subatomic and scientists cannot seem to characterise it..it is unknown so far...
so as we awaken...let us turn our new eyes to the dark..let us check what truths it bears...


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Thank you Patrick

Your insight and questioning shifted me.

I have never looked into the darkness until recently.  I have tried to see the light within yet peering into the darkness is really where everything sprouts, inside the seed of myself.  this is profound as I sense a new way to look into myself, beholding the darkness, the stillness, the pro" found."

The sun does not even give off light!  It gives energy or radiation but it only turns into "light" when it meets the earth's atmosphere.  Light is therefore the offspring of darkness where the source is. wow!  Seek the darkness, what a turnaround that is!


thanx...i thought about it more..and i imagined that. what if the eyes of the creator are closed and the entire system is in his mind...since when you close your eyes in concentration, it dark too..
just a thought.



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