a few months ago we were dealing with entities in my home. they were attracted 2 one of my daughters who was dealing with  alot of heavy emotional issues, abusing alcohol, etc. she is mcuh better now, but there is an entity that was sighted by my grandchild. she has not seen it in a while, but it still bothers me. she said it looked like the mask from that movie "scream." she saw it right behind me, but i did not feel any energy from it. my grandchild had been afraid to go 2 certain areas of my apartment when this was going on. things have calmed down, but i am curious if anyone knows what this thing is.

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well dark energy can reside anywhere, i would suggest taking some steps to clense and protect your home to put your mind at ease.  THere are a few ways to do this.  If you have a local metaphysical store, iwould pop in there and pick up some crystals used for clearing and or protection, try to get them a good size and place them in the rooms of suspicion, or wear them.  You can also buy sage and other herbs to clear rooms of negativity and you simply light the sage (it comes in big stick clumps) and go to each corner of the room and smudge as its called and use affirmations and intentions to dispel any negativity.  Simply say something like "this room is now cleared of all negativity"  Also its good to be aware of the fact that negativie entities are attracted to negative thought patterns, so try to be aware of what your putting out there as thoughts.  Feel free to add me as a friend, hope this helps out.
wholeness divine transformation. thank u 4 the input. i live in the home i grew up in as a child and it has been "active" from the very begining. the house was build new, and is about 45 years old. i believe it is the land itself because of this fact  4 years we have periodically cleansed the home (only upstairs where i live, my dad lives downstairs and does not believe in any of this, whiich is suprising because he had "the sight" as a child. my grandchildren have seen things since they were very small, not always negative. in recent years we have had problems with things attracted 2 my daughter. we cleanse the house and things quiet down. the very negative stuff seems 2 come when she  is depressed and angry.  she has messed with witchcraft and qui ja boards in the past combined with anger, sadness, alcohol which is a very bad combination. she is doing much better now and we  both have been using cyrstals and listening 2 the chakra tones, etc. i have allowed all of this 2 disrupt my meditation routine 4 fear of what i might attract. thank u again 4 your help.  
camphor oil works great to clean the house  goes hand in hand with the sage
thank u whole. i appreciate the help.

Again I cannot urge everyone enough to read this book in regard to Dark Energies and Entities. Minus the small parts he stays neutral and doesn't condone also the evocation of Jesus to remove beings there are a plethora of tools in this book to assist a person in knowing what is going on and how to dismiss or assist these Beings properly. 




There is also an audio available in this post. 

wholeness Sevan. i have read the book. thank u 4 the suggestion, and i love the weekly reader idea. the book was indeed very insightful, and so much of it expained alot of things to me. my oldest sister used 2 talk about seeing a being as a child, that had the face of a turtle staring at her at close range when she was trying 2 sleep. i think i would have had a heart attack if it was me. i remember going 2 the world trade center site a year after the event. i used 2 work at 1 world trade center,   i just felt obligated  2 go and pray for the victims. to get 2 the winter garden site u had 2 walk over a makeshift "bridge" passing the whole in the ground. i felt an energy radiating down my arms, neck, and a deep, deep sadness. i went back a year later and the energy was still there, not as strong. it was the same energy i felt the last time we visited my mom's grave. i knew it was not her, but sensed it was someone newly buried, because i never felt it prior 2 that visit.    
Wholeness Ayzik. i really appreciate the response. it is true. i was very concerned about protecting the "house" from the energies that seem 2 come and go- with the sage, frankensence and myrrh, etc. being that i have not actually seen anything (but there r times that i feel them). i was concerned about my grandchildren who have the "sight" since they have been small. they r both 8 years old and up until recently they would not even go to the bathroom alone in the evening for the fear of the things they have seen. because of all of this recent activity i have not tried 2 do any consistant meditation like i used 2. my fear is what i might have attracted 2 me in that state.  i share a room with my daughter who has been dealing with these issues since her teenage years. the help u have given me in the past has made a really big difference in her life. it has absolutely helped. i will definitely do what u have advised and i will have her join me. 


Reading this should explain how to fight them off and protection... love/heart chakra energy is the best thing...

Raise the vibration of your home too.. clear the space with burning sage sticks or the link etc, surround the house especially doors with small black tormaline crystals. In your minds eye link the crystals together to make a shield/grid around your whole property... make sure your space is cleared before this and banish anything inside with intent... Create shields around each of your family and get them to do this themselves violet shields are good...

I was recommended to read this a few years ago by someone who was giving me a reading



thank u 4 the info john. it is greatly appreciated!
You're welcome, I hope it enables the situation to be resolved.



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