Wholeness and balanced vibrations to all. I have a question, maybe someone has an answer...

I use Twitter and have noticed a trend going on amongst many of my followers. They tweet/post a lot referring to this "13" mantra that originated with a Twitter user by the name of da13thsun. It's almost as if this Twitter user has a cult following. While much of the information he Tweets about is good and pertains to revealing the truth about the Papacy, draconian rule, and overcoming the "matrix", some of the things he says are concerning.

His greetings often include suspect wording. Greetings such as "what it bees like?" and "RA-spect". I'm not sure but it sounds like some type of Hive Mind meme, and the "RA-spect" thing makes me think he has ties with RA Marduk. 

He almost frequently talks about Sirius C, and then on a YouTube comment he's since deleted he talks about his "lord EL".  I've talked to some other people, they think he's trying to harvest souls with his whole "13" mantra.



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Goodday 777 thanks for the links ill check it out on my end also by the way you may want to post his in the spiritual police group maybe someone in that group can provide a better insight regardless ima check it out also stay sharp.


Honestly, in this CyberWorld, sometimes one may cross the road of seriously alienated Peoples, it's not that i live in France because the Country Is Interesting On A Spiritual Level If You Take The Time to Connect the Skies But People Like The da13th do a lot of Damage On A Lost Souls Society, Prompt and Consistent Faith Would Nevertheless Reach Through the Medias And Alert The Random Foreigner. But Apart From These Down To earth Considerations, it's Clear that Some Kind Of Greater Star Wars With RA-spect to Disney's Late Move Takes Places On Some Other Level, Where Some People Obviously Have Gaming Access. On a Terrestrial Perspective, Since I'm A Human Being I would Go Play Poker With Friends On Facebook.


wassup 777, i have seen a couple of videos from the Da 13th on youtube, i must say there are some things that he says that resonate with me but theres also that part in  me that says dude is crazy but who are we to too say, one thing you are correct about is that he does have similar ideologies with Dr Malachi z york but then again was malachi teachings incorrect because everyone seems to have been getting their information from him, especially that david icke guy

I have some advice!  You may not like it, but I mean this with the utmost respect and regard for your/our expansion process.  You ready?  Get off of Twitter!  Get off of Facebook!  Maybe it's just me, but I find them to be energetically draining.  But thats just me.  Lots of these "teachers" are disinforming.  Giving us satisfying small truths to keep our minds off of the bigger truths.  They have catchy names, fancy anecdotes and lots of funding.  But something usually smells suspect about them.  Your hear his words, "Ra, Lord El".   He may not be at the expansion level he thinks he is.  We may sometimes be learning from teachers who haven't completed their initiations.  Giving us 1/2 the truth and leading us to win only 1/2 the battle, or even worse.  Social networks like Facebook and twitter have their social advantages...but I feel like there is something even more sinister behind their existence. Just a thought!  Listen to Bomar, man!  

Honestly, I can't say one way or the other.  He has brought some really good info, though I don't agree with everything he has said.  I feel that the way to approach it is to take from it what you will, but don't be a follower of him or anyone else.  There is knowledge and wisdom in a variety of places, and we can learn something even from a fool sometimes.  Nobody is wrong all the time, just as no one is right all the time.  I get info from a wide range of places and go with what I feel in my own heart and soul is good info.  If it only makes me think about something a different way, I appreciate it.  Maybe he is getting ahead of himself at times, but then maybe he's not.  Who am I to say?  I do hope, however, that people who are new to this whole thing don't get stuck just with what he has to say.

Nfinitinaked, I embrace your expression about this whole heartedly. In my journey to find myself I have believed and taught a lot of things that no longer resonate with me. Yet when I was into them I believed them completely. Isn't that what this experience is all about? No one person has All the answers. Take what resonates and throw what doesn't to the wind is the safest approach, in my estimate.

Just do your homework & research people and listen. 

i listen to da13th sun and bomar almost everyday there both on same frequencies great souls from powferul bloodlines

13sun is kind of shakey to me and very mysterious. As others have said, he has good info...but something always tells me not to get comfy with him.

'What it bes like' id probably just is thing. We all have phrases we say a lot.

Take from it what you will amd just leave the rest. You will know what it is you need.

Used to listen to him but then he got too negative for my tastes plus to much belittling & fear based. Also got tired of hearing those oscillating sound in his videos (whats really going on w/ that). On twitter he pretty much tweets all day long & those who have a difference of opinion get called "demons" or "agents" even those who have been riding w/ him for years, ive seen it happen many times. Dude has a really short temper

Looking at his catch phrases closer reveals a venusian connection IMO. 1st he always comments about the snake eyes which Sevan said in a recent video how that relates to venus. 2nd 13love (jove) or 13amor (roma), love & amor both relate to venus along w/ the #13 

Then you have the pyramid protection/ merkaba he advocates which he says to put 13's on it. I see that as a sigil for sending him people's energy & im not into giving mine up that freely. You have to send a donation to actually get him to answer an email or try your luck through twitter.

I have no ill will against the man as he served his purpose for the process on my path. I just consider him the "alex jones" of spiritualness lol!


I totally understand people not likknh his negative commentary towards others but I also belive he's speaking to lower entities and not the people themselves I also see how in my experience how my steps are governed by my personal experience keeping my power within my space there are many different adepts with many different personality traits 13 is not for everyone I would like to hear what sevan take is on him though ?? I still consider him a brother and appreciate his approach aswell and he's sooooo damn funny !! And I think he's totally honest with how he feels he always telling people to get back to nature to go within to not belive what he's saykng find out for yourself to me that's always powerful no matter what personality traits it comes thru...



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