I'm looking for a particular name and I need the team to work on this. Of course sound is shape and shape is number. There is a form of Mathematics where they have all this information compiled. The actual numbers to the shapes produced by sounds. I need to know what that form of mathematics is called. I know it exists as a personal already gave me the name and somehow the paper they wrote it on itself disappeared. 7

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I think I remember in my Advanced Trigonometry classes a branch called "Wave Theory" or "Wave Mathematics"....I'll get back to you....
Spectral collocation? T
f ~ (m+2n)^2 , chladni's law?
Checking on these now.. There should be at least a book on this. This is of great value as I need to know the numbers of the shape so I can configure inner-dimensional travel integers.
this website has good information on cymatics . http://www.world-mysteries.com/sci_cymatics.htm
I talked to my old professor of Advanced Trig. at U.C.L.A. He told me that there isn't a specific branch of math that has everything compiled. In the world of math Cymatics is the new born, relatively speaking. Which doesn't really deal so much in breaking down every wave into numbers. Was this paper you had a thesis??? I mean, I have a B.A. in math and it sounds like a great idea for a thesis paper. Wish I had more for you brother.......Sorry!

I need as many of these as possible with corresponding frequency being played to make the design. Right now I'm working on getting the equipment to do it myself. Often times they show the shapes but they never write the frequency. This is of the highest importance right now because We can create a new language with this, a universal language.
Damn.. this is good stuff !!!
There are many mantras in Sanskrit which corresponds to different elements... On the back of my head, the sound RRRUMM is related to fire ... Different elements have different sounds as well.. This is good stuff !! Thanks !
greetings sevan i hope this will help. 0(^_^)0

with this site you can build your own cymatic rig
The vowel A looks like an atom to me. Or at least however we're taught in school an atom particle is supposed to look like, with the electrons spinning around :)



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