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I'm currently utilizing Chulen and wondering if any particular meditive/etc practices could be done in conjunction with it to enhance cultivating the 'ancestral,' jing? Also, the product description page said it could be terminally depleted. How could one innerstand if this is the case for them? Is this energy necessary for activation or is it something that can only be accessed via one already being activated? 

Thanks for any clarity on the subject

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You probably become "terminally depleted" if you're always spilling your seed, read Mantak Chia "Multi-orgasmic man" for more info. This energy is crucial to activation

Thanks. I started holding my seed while taking the chulen. I did hear Sevan recommend that book a while back and got it, but still haven't brought myself to read much.. will have to crack into it tonight

even though there may be scars as a result, energy cannot be destroyed. 


the regimen provided by the resistance team:


physical exercise, to help with the body's lower energy and meditation will help with the body's higher energy. i like to meditate outside on the grass everyday in the morning before work or any other major activity to help with grounding. No need for meditation music and mantras etc as the birds and the wind against the leaves of the tree provide enough stimuli for the mind. Although it can get a little funky when the ants start crawling over you ;). As seven said 'people are looking for more energy but forget to see that we're standing on it'.Finally, don't forget to direct your energy with intention into something you are passionate about whether it be your work, a hobby or family/friends etc. (for your body's middle system [heart])


Appreciate the info man.. I stopped meditating a while back, but was back in it today.. meditating outside is always great, you gotta dope regimen down. The 'hive' of the ants is prob just curious, cheacking if you left anything of their interest on your surface lol. As far as directing intention, is it only as simple as making a sort of mental confirmation or is a strong belief also nec? 

yeah a strong belief or intention is necessary. especially when things get tough and life gets stressful people tend to resort to their base needs but if we have strong beliefs which have been practiced and yield knowledge and experience our energy can be stabilized. 





take care and have fun

Nice discussion, i too have been meditating on the lawn in the morning and find the ants never make it up past my knees, they always turn around and go back to the ground.  Thank you for the links.  wbv.



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