Hi, I am new here, and I would like to share my great work. I have been working with the crystal grids for a while, they are an amazing and extremely powerful tool for lollecting, magnifying and focusing the energy of each individual crystals laid in a specific geometric shape. The energy then can be used for an individual alignment, attunement and integration with the purpose of raising one's vibrational level, but also can be used for manifestation a specific intent, the intent I have been working with is mainly healing and harmony for all.

Here is the one I did last night:


Key words , Planetary assignments color and crystal correspondences as followed:

1 = Kether, Crown, Union with God , Neptune, color- White = Scolecite
2 = Chockmah, Wisdom, Devotion + divine face to face, Uranus, color- Gray = Cacoxenite
3 = Binah, Understanding, Silence, Saturn, color- black = Tourmaline
4 = Chesed, Mercy, Vision of love, memory, Jupiter, color- Dark Blue-purple = Sugilite
5 = Geburah, Severity, Vision of Power, Courage, Mars, color- red = Red Agate
6 = Tiphareth, Beauty, Vision of the Harmony, Sol, color- yellow = Golden Calcite
7 = Netzah, Victory, Vision of Beauty, Desire, Venus, color- green = Malachite
8 = Hod, Glory, Vision of Splendor, Reason, Mercury, color- orange = Pietersite
9 = Yesod, Foundation, Vision of the machinery of the Universe, Luna, color- purple = Corundum (purple sapphire)
0 (10) = Malkuth, Kingdom, Knowledge & Conversation, Matter, Earth = Nuummite

Central energy directing: Amethyst (healing) and Clear Quartz (amplifiers) .
Circle: Citrine (abundance) and Green Aventurine( amplify, blance of masculine/feminine).

Within the circle
Clear Quartz Vajra (amplifying the energy between top scolecite cluster and scolecite palm stone directly under the vajra.)
On the right hand side : Selenite Wand (masculine, directing energy down from Kether, movement)
Left hand side: Barnicle Smoky Quartz ( Feminine, directing energy upwards, protection)
Bottom: Turmaline 2 pieces (grounding, balancing) Hornblend (grounding)
Energy :

Very powerful, Perceived to me as a brilliant blue light from within
and without, interesting observation is that opposite to the
Widdershins, where the energy is very contained and takes effort to
align with, deiseil structure is a lot more active, it finds you rather
than other way around, it is almost of a kind of possession by the
energy, as it took over my body, I could feel it in all of my chakras,
but also physically, a strong sensation of gripping my head in a circle
over the third eye- temples area, also the initial hit of it as I sat
down after completion was int he lungs, was like the air was suddenly
pumped out from the room and i breathed in a vacuum, squeezing my chest
painfully. Took me couple of little breaths to recover fully, with
heart beating like crazy. Strong sensation of pulse through my legs and
arms, and rising up my spine from the base chakra, with that visions of
pulsating blue light, throughout my body.

I have prepared an intent for this one, deciding to direct energy for a
specific cause. Again, with widdershins the energy had to be directed
through me, as it was contained, with deiseil as soon as I stated my
intent aloud with a conscious purpose, the whole energy pattern
kind of exploded but upwards, creating momentarily a tower of blue
energy , like some laser beam, and then subsiding. I was happy at that
point that i did a rose cross before gridding, it would have been a
beacon otherwise. Intent for the grid was harmony and healing for all, I wrote a little mantra to go with it.

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Can you Test it in Full Moon Day every hour between sunset and sunrise Place a Compass near your Stomach and check which clock direction compass is rotating.if it is activated you will see flux around 100 meters in circle at crystal at center. Your body will try to harmonize with crystal frequency if your Body has that power to connect.
Try it and let me know :)
if You Control Crystal you will see crystal color changing to harmonize with your intention of using it.
Remember the Crystal which is Inside Pineal Gland Multi Dimensional Awareness which some times with right planetary alignment and if Human bio-field harmonize to universal frequency can connect to 13th Octave light Frequency.

Thank you Katiafish, for the great info I'm new to crystals they diffidently work thats for sure. Loving the Indigo & Turquoise, white clearish colours from some of the grids.

Hi Katia!

I get a buzz just looking at your crystal layout Thank You!

What's gonna happen when you put your layout inside this?


oooh lala is all I can say!

Hi, yeah we have been thinking about making one of those out of copper tubing, perhaps we will. For now my house just has to do as far as the space for the crystals and the grid.

I have to say that my whole approach has become a lot more ritualistic over time, I think it is due partly to general human desire to organize and compartmentalise, and partly due to me noticing that having a certain structure adds to an over all energy output.

I have also finally found the way to effectively harvest the energy in a way that allows me to share is with others - placing vessels with water in the middle of my grids.

For my new projects check Crystal Grid Energy

Excelente trabalho.

Adorei seu post.

These posts were incredible, what I am having trouble finding, after 2 hours or more of searching as a PDF version of the crystal connection by Randall N baer

Even the archives and libraries have locked them :) so that means they are very much worth my interest at this point. If anyone has a copy, i'd be indebted to them for any scanned pages they could produce. I got a locked daisy version but have found no way of cracking it (yet).

I will buy one if none are available but my finances with all the things I need for the coming months are very tight. So help is really appreciated, as this would help narrow what I need to spend and where.



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