Hi, I am new here, and I would like to share my great work. I have been working with the crystal grids for a while, they are an amazing and extremely powerful tool for lollecting, magnifying and focusing the energy of each individual crystals laid in a specific geometric shape. The energy then can be used for an individual alignment, attunement and integration with the purpose of raising one's vibrational level, but also can be used for manifestation a specific intent, the intent I have been working with is mainly healing and harmony for all.

Here is the one I did last night:


Key words , Planetary assignments color and crystal correspondences as followed:

1 = Kether, Crown, Union with God , Neptune, color- White = Scolecite
2 = Chockmah, Wisdom, Devotion + divine face to face, Uranus, color- Gray = Cacoxenite
3 = Binah, Understanding, Silence, Saturn, color- black = Tourmaline
4 = Chesed, Mercy, Vision of love, memory, Jupiter, color- Dark Blue-purple = Sugilite
5 = Geburah, Severity, Vision of Power, Courage, Mars, color- red = Red Agate
6 = Tiphareth, Beauty, Vision of the Harmony, Sol, color- yellow = Golden Calcite
7 = Netzah, Victory, Vision of Beauty, Desire, Venus, color- green = Malachite
8 = Hod, Glory, Vision of Splendor, Reason, Mercury, color- orange = Pietersite
9 = Yesod, Foundation, Vision of the machinery of the Universe, Luna, color- purple = Corundum (purple sapphire)
0 (10) = Malkuth, Kingdom, Knowledge & Conversation, Matter, Earth = Nuummite

Central energy directing: Amethyst (healing) and Clear Quartz (amplifiers) .
Circle: Citrine (abundance) and Green Aventurine( amplify, blance of masculine/feminine).

Within the circle
Clear Quartz Vajra (amplifying the energy between top scolecite cluster and scolecite palm stone directly under the vajra.)
On the right hand side : Selenite Wand (masculine, directing energy down from Kether, movement)
Left hand side: Barnicle Smoky Quartz ( Feminine, directing energy upwards, protection)
Bottom: Turmaline 2 pieces (grounding, balancing) Hornblend (grounding)
Energy :

Very powerful, Perceived to me as a brilliant blue light from within
and without, interesting observation is that opposite to the
Widdershins, where the energy is very contained and takes effort to
align with, deiseil structure is a lot more active, it finds you rather
than other way around, it is almost of a kind of possession by the
energy, as it took over my body, I could feel it in all of my chakras,
but also physically, a strong sensation of gripping my head in a circle
over the third eye- temples area, also the initial hit of it as I sat
down after completion was int he lungs, was like the air was suddenly
pumped out from the room and i breathed in a vacuum, squeezing my chest
painfully. Took me couple of little breaths to recover fully, with
heart beating like crazy. Strong sensation of pulse through my legs and
arms, and rising up my spine from the base chakra, with that visions of
pulsating blue light, throughout my body.

I have prepared an intent for this one, deciding to direct energy for a
specific cause. Again, with widdershins the energy had to be directed
through me, as it was contained, with deiseil as soon as I stated my
intent aloud with a conscious purpose, the whole energy pattern
kind of exploded but upwards, creating momentarily a tower of blue
energy , like some laser beam, and then subsiding. I was happy at that
point that i did a rose cross before gridding, it would have been a
beacon otherwise. Intent for the grid was harmony and healing for all, I wrote a little mantra to go with it.

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yes.. You might want to look at Sugilite and Lepidolite, especially Lepidolite as it is a powerful higher heart chakra opener, higher heart is the loving kindness and compassion towards all. :)
Here is a place where you can get all or most of the synergy crystals you need. The man who started this company is very well respected in the crystal business as he has written some great books on the subject. I don't care for the packaging-looks the same as the seedy gas station cologne packaging. Nonetheless, the crystals are of high quality and, as I can attest, have great energy. He even has some crystals packaged in vials that contain a combination of most on the list of synergy crystals. The prices on the vials are a bit high, but I think that I can get much better at my local crystal shop. Here is the link:


Here is another great site that has some great crystals and is secure:

Does any one know if there are still people that are actively placing crystals at specific points on the planet (planned net) to create certain energy grids?
Ok, new grid last night, Twin Star Medicine Wheel, with intent of healing of the Earth and all Sentient Beings, and balance.

This grid is 5' across, took me 4 hours to make and it was... just unbelievable. I was in trance for 3 hours out of 4, such was the intensity of the energy.

Wow! I am amazed. Great work. I only hope to have these skills at some point as I am beginning to work with small basic grids.

Is that an Amber sphere on the left side of the last pic?
Hi Marcus, thank you! I have been thinking about doing some simpler grids with stones that are easily available so that perhaps anyone could do one themselves. I find after coming up with an idea for a grid and the basic structure, i tend to then just trance out and fully rely on being guided by crystals themselves, my intuition and the divine to complete the work.
Hey MJ dear friend, I am very happy to be able to help, always..

The colors of the grid follow very simple medicine wheel rules, Red-East, Yellow- South, Black-West, and White- North. As I was making the grid pointing East, and meditate at the base of it, so my base reflects the bottom of the grid and my head reflects the top for more complete integration. :)
Hi, thanks for this, where are these from? :)

Hi katiafish!

That image is from page 265 of the book "The Crystal Connection" available here:


When you read the reviews you will see lots of criticism of the author Randall Baer who died at 33 after denouncing his previous views in favor of fundamentalist christianity - poor guy must have been having tremendous difficulty with himself. http://www.greaterthings.com/Bookstore/Spirituality/nightmare.htm

Here is a video about him called "Inside the New Age Nightmare":


There are other geometric patterns illustrated in the book and the authors ( he and his wife ) credit "The Keys of Enoch" and Itzhak Bentov's "Stalking the Wild Pendulum" as references. I like those two books as well.


I really like the book, linked at the bottom, because the images are in color, not the B&W of Baer's book. They both provide info about the science of crystallography ( 7 structural systems / axis of rotation and 32 classes ) but Simpsons is much clearer.

You can study crystal strucure at wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crystal_structure

32 degress is also the angle of tilt to the head to activate the merkaba. 32 degress is the angle of the face on the sphinx and geometrically it is the tilt angle when a cube nests into a dodecahedron. You can read about this here:



Take care and how do you pronounce your avatar Kat-ee-ah-fish or Catch-a-fish ?



That is a very coherent and informative response, Thank you!


My new grid projects can be found on 


New Grid.

May All Beings Be Happy, May All Beings Be Free Of Suffering

Also noticed an incredible amount of paranormal activity, which is quite interesting, i am going to include some pics of these flashes. I recently watched a documentary that said that these globes and flashes and attracted by high level of energetic activity, that would explain it i suppose.. Notice a big blue one next to my left arm.

against the dark curtain above the grid



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