Hi, I am new here, and I would like to share my great work. I have been working with the crystal grids for a while, they are an amazing and extremely powerful tool for lollecting, magnifying and focusing the energy of each individual crystals laid in a specific geometric shape. The energy then can be used for an individual alignment, attunement and integration with the purpose of raising one's vibrational level, but also can be used for manifestation a specific intent, the intent I have been working with is mainly healing and harmony for all.

Here is the one I did last night:


Key words , Planetary assignments color and crystal correspondences as followed:

1 = Kether, Crown, Union with God , Neptune, color- White = Scolecite
2 = Chockmah, Wisdom, Devotion + divine face to face, Uranus, color- Gray = Cacoxenite
3 = Binah, Understanding, Silence, Saturn, color- black = Tourmaline
4 = Chesed, Mercy, Vision of love, memory, Jupiter, color- Dark Blue-purple = Sugilite
5 = Geburah, Severity, Vision of Power, Courage, Mars, color- red = Red Agate
6 = Tiphareth, Beauty, Vision of the Harmony, Sol, color- yellow = Golden Calcite
7 = Netzah, Victory, Vision of Beauty, Desire, Venus, color- green = Malachite
8 = Hod, Glory, Vision of Splendor, Reason, Mercury, color- orange = Pietersite
9 = Yesod, Foundation, Vision of the machinery of the Universe, Luna, color- purple = Corundum (purple sapphire)
0 (10) = Malkuth, Kingdom, Knowledge & Conversation, Matter, Earth = Nuummite

Central energy directing: Amethyst (healing) and Clear Quartz (amplifiers) .
Circle: Citrine (abundance) and Green Aventurine( amplify, blance of masculine/feminine).

Within the circle
Clear Quartz Vajra (amplifying the energy between top scolecite cluster and scolecite palm stone directly under the vajra.)
On the right hand side : Selenite Wand (masculine, directing energy down from Kether, movement)
Left hand side: Barnicle Smoky Quartz ( Feminine, directing energy upwards, protection)
Bottom: Turmaline 2 pieces (grounding, balancing) Hornblend (grounding)
Energy :

Very powerful, Perceived to me as a brilliant blue light from within
and without, interesting observation is that opposite to the
Widdershins, where the energy is very contained and takes effort to
align with, deiseil structure is a lot more active, it finds you rather
than other way around, it is almost of a kind of possession by the
energy, as it took over my body, I could feel it in all of my chakras,
but also physically, a strong sensation of gripping my head in a circle
over the third eye- temples area, also the initial hit of it as I sat
down after completion was int he lungs, was like the air was suddenly
pumped out from the room and i breathed in a vacuum, squeezing my chest
painfully. Took me couple of little breaths to recover fully, with
heart beating like crazy. Strong sensation of pulse through my legs and
arms, and rising up my spine from the base chakra, with that visions of
pulsating blue light, throughout my body.

I have prepared an intent for this one, deciding to direct energy for a
specific cause. Again, with widdershins the energy had to be directed
through me, as it was contained, with deiseil as soon as I stated my
intent aloud with a conscious purpose, the whole energy pattern
kind of exploded but upwards, creating momentarily a tower of blue
energy , like some laser beam, and then subsiding. I was happy at that
point that i did a rose cross before gridding, it would have been a
beacon otherwise. Intent for the grid was harmony and healing for all, I wrote a little mantra to go with it.

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Full Moon Grid:

Black numbers:
1. Scolecite
2. Clear Quartz
3. Damburite
4. Sugilite
5. Amethyst (Cacoxenite)

Red numbers:
1. Clear quartz vajra
2. Azeztulite
3. Gold azeztulite
4. Amethyst
5. Blue Apophylite
6. Azeztulite
7. Apophylite
8. Phenacite
9. Azeztulite
10. Scolecite pendulum
11. Merkabah Calcite
12. Petalite
13. Azeztulite
14. Azeztulite

Lilac numbers:

1. Nuummite pendulum
2. Hornblend
3. Moonstone
5. Cacoxenite

Whoa a crystal Dorje Rod.!?
Yeah, I called it a Vajra, the thunderbolt, but its the same thing. :)
This is a very unique arrangement, I typed something insightful on this today, I wanted to attach a picture but I could not find it, then Safari crashed. It is wonderful that you have been guided on which crystals to use for your arrangement to identify with the energies that you wish to project. Have you researched Synergy Crystals, many can be found on Ebay for very low costs compared to what they can do.
Thank you guys!

Out of Synergy Crystals I have Moldovite, Damburite, Azeztulite (Various forms), Lybian Gold Tektite, Phenacite, Various forms of quartz in large quantities, Petalite, Natrolite, Scolecite, high grade Lepidolite, Apophylite, Merlinite, Fulgurite, Glendonite, Hiddenite, Spanish violet Aragonite and Creolite. I need to check what else have I got.. I have been collecting past 6 years, my collection is mainly spheres, but over all it is now probably over 200 rocks.

Thats some of my friends :)
I had one but it was lonely, as they are supposed to be in pairs.. I gave him away to a good home :)

Katia I wanted to thank you for sharing your crystals with Us, it is truly appreciated here. You knowledge on crystals also is very present. Another glimpse into Crystal Kingdom I will share also. Wholeness to You!

Crystal Worlds from Sevan on Vimeo.

Cool, I love the necklace, is it hematite, hard to work out :) I am planning on making a black onyx mala and doing a 40 day Vajrayogini chant with the intent of Spiritual awakening and the banishment of ignorance for all.
Here is a first attempt at Merkabah grid, however, I think I will need to re-work the combination because the energy was not flowing freely enough, it was getting stuck at the smoky quartz point that creates the top line of the bottom triangle. Anyway, just need to meditate on this..

Noticed an interesting thing, there is like a purple glow around the grid, I donno if anyone can see it?

Stones go as such:
white going anti clockwise:
Scolecite at the top,
black clockwise
High grade shungite as the lower bottom point,

white: quartz points and selenite wand at the bottom
Black: amethyst points and cacoxenite, smoky quartz and South American tourmaline at the top line.

Scolecite cluster in the middle

Yes that is a magnetic hematite ring. I was curious Katia if you have worked out a way to make a breastplate such as that of Aaron. In addition I would like your input on cleansing Moldavite and what it should be wrapped in Copper or Silver.

I am close to compiling all of the stones of the breastplate of the High Priest, there are some stones that are extremely hard to come across because the mines are closed, although I just got a piece of Lybian Gold Tektite, yayyy :D .

As far as cleansing Moldovite, if you want a full zapping of whatever energy, smudging it with some white sage can never go amiss, it is important to re-dedicate your crystal after smudging, and then it is advisable to recharge it by placing some high-vibrational stones such as a little chip of azeztulite on top. I also have an etheric weaver that I use for cleansing and charging my crystals. (I am not really into the whole Buddha Matreya thing tbh, but the "Tool" as I call it, has proven to be very effective for various purposes. )

And lastly, copper or silver really depends on what is your intent, copper is Earth (in some traditions, Venus) and an amplifier, also helps the integration of the energy of the stone by the wearer, whilst Silver is Moon, so works with the subconscious, changing the patterns of perseption. And copper is sacral chakra, silver is third eye.
Oh, but thank you, i am but a lighter sleeper :D

As with any crystals, I would advise you to smudge your crystal with white sage or cedar if you find white sage smell unpleasant. As far as how to utilize the crystals, the method that I have found most effective is to meditate with your crystals, sleep with them, bathe with them (check prior that they dont dissolve in water or are poisonous :)), carry them in your pockets, look at them, scry with them, all with the purpose of aligning your individual energy to the vibrational energy of the crystal. Way I see it, just like with the binaural beats for example, we need to "sync" to the energy for it to be most effective, so that the integration is complete. Every new crystal you work with is like a new attunement. However, saying all that I understand your caution, trust your heart in what is good for you.
Metta :)



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