Hi tribe,

I am starting this post for anyone that would like to discuss cryptocurrency. I am new to it but have been soaking up as much as possible.

I am looking for information about how to set-up wallet for anonymity and retrieval of coins for withdrawal to fiat if need be, setting up ico, icos to research for investments, pretty much all things crypto?

I don't see anything on here with information about it, so I thought I would start the convo. Seems like the platforms for interaction with members has changed since I last was on here back in 2011-12. :)

There is so much to learn so feel free to chime in! 

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Like the OP, I'm interested in Cryptocurrency... actually the blockchain technology that it's built on. Ethereum smart contracts appear like great options, but the owner looks scared out if his mind by what he invented and the powers now controlling him.

That makes me see the importance of working with a team of like-minded beings that assist in maintaining balanced energies. I'm working on building my own blockchain, as I start my entrepreneurial endeavors; teaching English and STEM abroad. Cryptocurrency is the byproduct of what I plan to share with the multiverse. While studying the fields of AI (machine learning, deep learning etc.), I recognize the same template and pattern we've seen since the beginning of recorded history. Sometimes it feels like I'm solo in this endeavor. Meeting "conscious" souls that utilize technology for the benefit of the whole is the truly rare commodity. Major gratitude to all who work tirelessly to stay balanced. #lovejonezin



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