Is Seven safe? I am seeing via the news and Twitter there was an earthquake in Costa Rica. Wholeness and balance vibrations in that area.

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I spoke to Luis yesterday and he said Sevan was safe, I am not sure of any more details.

Sending positive vibrations and harmony to Costa Rica right now, if any experienced meditators or practitioner of any kind can do the same, it can only help the people and the earth stablise as she goes through her changes. Send out balance and harmony not fear though no matter what happens in these next few months.

Two weeks food in your cupboard for your family is common sense, some say a month, and I highly advise everyone get the essentials in, toilet paper rice, beans etc, not out of fear out of balance for any disruption that the normal run of things comes across. Say a Delivery cannot make it, for me its quinoa for instance at the moment one of my staples cannot be bought anywhere, dates for instance was another thing, this is imho what will happen to certain items no matter where you live. So stock up for the winter, as the animals do anyway :)

Sevan shared this on facebook as well, i've just seen.

For those concerned about my safety in Costa Rica after the Earthquake I am fine and Supercharged. Wholeness

Just to let everyone know I am well, no damage occurred and I feel great. Thank you for your concerns. 



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