I thought there might be a better place to sort personal problems as the forum seems to be better suited for topical subjects, but I believe this is in the correct place. My apologies if I'm wrong.

Lately, something has been out of wack for me as I've had around 4-5 encounters with police in about the last week or so. My car has been unregistered for over a year or two, and I believed by not giving the thought of police any attention I would not be attracting our meeting into manifestation.

This has seemed to work up until recently. Tho I've had many, many close calls where it seemed certain the matter would be addressed, but somehow I always managed to 'get lucky,' tho I never believed luck had anything to do with it. It seems whenever someone addresses it, and I give my interpretation I 'jinx' myself and have something happen soon after.

As of this week I almost feel under attack and literally seeing police everywhere, even having run ins with the same cops and twice today alone. Still, I've managed to still have my vehicle even tho the cop from this morning had a tow truck on its way until he randomly canceled it and let me go with a $100 citation instead.

Due to the uncanny spike in activity I feel perhaps my higher self is trying to convey that I won't be allowed to go on in this manner any longer, but I also think it's more likely that some recent backsliding and vampiric engagement could be to blame as I've heard Sevan mention that people in need of a pole shift encounter police. 

So my question is, generally, what might explain this? Is not entertaining logical possibilities beneficial when trying to avoid them as governed by the law of attraction? And what might be in order to avoid further problems besides the obvious of getting myself forward into balance? I've cleansed and smudged my car and the crystals I carry in case they've picked up some negative energy. I just feel like maybe I'm missing a bigger picture of what I'm experiencing.

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Doing positive affirmations and knowing it will work is key, but using that as the only line of defense is setting yourself up4 failure.

The bigger picture is this:

Positive thinking also takes ACTION. You gotta do something2. What that is is up2 you.

Believe me, I think registration and license plates, and the whole shebang is whack. But I/d say there is a difference between projecting positive thoughts and pushing the boundaries of expecting the universe2 keep you safe in this area longer than it has.

Now imagine if there was a cop who positively wants2 ticket every code broken in his jurisdiction, because he/s positive he/s doing a service2 humanity. Or he wants2 reach that quota. This guy would be on fire! So if you had you/re thoughts ignoring the police or not even bothered by the situation, these cops thoughts could very well manifest in2 your reality. Especially if yours were fear based because you didn/t want a ticket or the hassle of paying4 registration.

In the end you almost have2 fill out their forms and play their game, and registration should be less than the fines. Besides that, there is a sovereign citizen movement you could look in2.

But I do say, you must be strong in your attraction2 have gotten away that long

Have you agreed with yourself that you have gone long enough without registration? Seems like your interjecting doubt into your scenerio.

Sometimes I think that our own guilt betrays us.  Maybe some part of your mind is doing just that at this point.  Crystals are great, but I've found that they can also make a bad thing worse by magnifying it.  I've noticed that mainly with clear quartz, so if I'm in a rare bad mood I won't wear it or have it too close.  The one ticket I ever gotten while driving, after years over never having a plate on my car on the front bumper (it's in the front window), I got one for it while wearing a quartz and thinking about being pulled over.  Why I thought that, I don't know, but yeah.  I'm starting to think clear quartz magnifies telepathy or something too.  

Myself and another I know are currently experiencing manifestations regarding physical matter, not necessary thinking negative alone, but having the input of a negative idea via some1else has for me is reality, I think energies at this time are becoming more powerful, especially to those who are aware of its forces, however either one is no greater over the other, and although it seems a constant battle, it's more about brain training that will help succeed, realising that your subconcous is just as living as your consciousness, you know its a possibility that if pulled over you will have problems, if there was only the possibility of doing nothing wrong, u are become a positive outcom., Wholeness to all



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