I woke up around 5:20 AM this morning and I was still on the borderline sleep state. I got into a position where I can hold my Amethyst crystal in my right hand. I didn't want to fall completely asleep again so I closed my eyes, while keeping the mind still awake. Around 5-10 minutes later, I was having a short conversation with my Amethyst crystal and here's what I can recall.

Me: Hello, Mrs. Amethyst.

Mrs. Amethyst: Greetings Margens. How do you do?

Me: Well, I suppose I'm fine. Except that sometimes, I feel that I need spiritual protection.

Mrs. Amethyst: Margens, you are receiving spiritual protection, ever since you programmed me to do so. That is why you haven't got severely attacked by any external forces.

Me: Wow, I suppose you are right. All problems I've been having lately are internally induced. Thank you Mrs. Amethyst!

At this moment, I immediately doubted the fact that I was conversating with my crystal, until I heard this.

Mrs. Amethyst: You are most welcomed Margens. And by the way, you are not imagining this.

What? I was mind blowned and I woke up with a racing heart, looking directly at my Amethyst crystal. I realized that the sun had came out, revealing the crystals dark purple reflection and the only thing I said to myself at that moment was "What beauty" and then started my day.

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Hi, margens i did not know that i would find this post this morning, and yet i am in joy that it was here, having awakened this morning with the most distinct knowingness that this is nearly the exact feeling i had, again i am vibrating a wholeness and a grand appreciation of the resistance family portal. The amethyst knowingness was singing a song to assist humanity and i did not exactly know how to relate the message this morning so thank you, now there is no need your post does it all. and thanks for the picture below.. i awoke looking for one..

Thanks Margen, and the entire Wholeness resistance

I agreed, the lucid state when you're borderline awake/sleep is absolutely he best for alter state of mind



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