I woke up around 5:20 AM this morning and I was still on the borderline sleep state. I got into a position where I can hold my Amethyst crystal in my right hand. I didn't want to fall completely asleep again so I closed my eyes, while keeping the mind still awake. Around 5-10 minutes later, I was having a short conversation with my Amethyst crystal and here's what I can recall.

Me: Hello, Mrs. Amethyst.

Mrs. Amethyst: Greetings Margens. How do you do?

Me: Well, I suppose I'm fine. Except that sometimes, I feel that I need spiritual protection.

Mrs. Amethyst: Margens, you are receiving spiritual protection, ever since you programmed me to do so. That is why you haven't got severely attacked by any external forces.

Me: Wow, I suppose you are right. All problems I've been having lately are internally induced. Thank you Mrs. Amethyst!

At this moment, I immediately doubted the fact that I was conversating with my crystal, until I heard this.

Mrs. Amethyst: You are most welcomed Margens. And by the way, you are not imagining this.

What? I was mind blowned and I woke up with a racing heart, looking directly at my Amethyst crystal. I realized that the sun had came out, revealing the crystals dark purple reflection and the only thing I said to myself at that moment was "What beauty" and then started my day.

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I didn't realize how interesting this topic is. Bob, maybe you should start a discussion on this topic, since you have experience with crystal grids. This could be very useful, especially in meditation.

im going back for that big flat table like piece of quartz. its sittin up in the hills
NICE! I will have to incorpreate this in my grove prodject. Building a nice firepit as we speak but maybe making another ring of crystals around that will enchance the energy of the area...
Mr. X you said just the thing I was wondering about which is what if the crystal is pre-programmed? How would I know and can I change it?
cool ayzik thanks much! good info to know
I'm actually just starting out learning about crystals and how to use them to so this is great info. Much appreciated
i made this grid the other day. i made it on a piece of steel or something i found out in my pump house. in the top left corner is a piece of obsidian i found on my property. the top right is a piece of garnet. the lower left corner a bloodstone and the lower right is a pice of obsidian i found at home too.

the long piece is quartz pointing @ my piece of tibetan quartz. the terminators of the tibetan quartz point to rose quartz. one piece is mine, the other is my lady's. i also pointed a piece of amethyst toward my tibetan quartz and under the amethyst is a piece of green fluorite for moral support. the ashy looking stuff on either side of the rose quartz is sage i used to clean everything.

i built this for me and my lady, as my aim is to channel all the energy on the grid into our rose quartz, then out from there.

this is my first one ive ever built, i really have no idea what im doing. just experimenting. although i can definitely see results already, the grid is definitely generating energy i can feel.

Nice one Bob, I have to collect a few Quarts to be able to successfully make one similar to this.

behold! aqua aura quartz

Can you imagine having any of these at your home?
Interesting indeed . . .

Quartz is a crystalline mineral, silicon dioxide, that is found in abundance in the earth's crust and is the principal component of sand. The quartz used in watches is synthetic, or man-made. Watch manufacturers use synthetic quartz crystals rather than natural ones because they have more consistent properties.

Their attempt to control time . . .

Quartz Oscillator

Atomic clocks use as their time base the absorption or emission of electromagnetic radiation by atoms or molecules. The rate of this absorption or emission is extremely steady- even steadier than the oscillations of a quartz crystal.

It's interesting to note that quartz crystals play an essential role in atomic timekeeping- even though they don't provide its time base. The frequency of atomic oscillations is too high for them to be used to control a clock directly. Instead, the oscillations of a quartz crystal are multiplied and "compared" with the atomic oscillator. The quartz oscillations are adjusted periodically to keep them accurate, and it is these oscillations that actually drive the clock.

Timekeepers . . . Lol



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