I woke up around 5:20 AM this morning and I was still on the borderline sleep state. I got into a position where I can hold my Amethyst crystal in my right hand. I didn't want to fall completely asleep again so I closed my eyes, while keeping the mind still awake. Around 5-10 minutes later, I was having a short conversation with my Amethyst crystal and here's what I can recall.

Me: Hello, Mrs. Amethyst.

Mrs. Amethyst: Greetings Margens. How do you do?

Me: Well, I suppose I'm fine. Except that sometimes, I feel that I need spiritual protection.

Mrs. Amethyst: Margens, you are receiving spiritual protection, ever since you programmed me to do so. That is why you haven't got severely attacked by any external forces.

Me: Wow, I suppose you are right. All problems I've been having lately are internally induced. Thank you Mrs. Amethyst!

At this moment, I immediately doubted the fact that I was conversating with my crystal, until I heard this.

Mrs. Amethyst: You are most welcomed Margens. And by the way, you are not imagining this.

What? I was mind blowned and I woke up with a racing heart, looking directly at my Amethyst crystal. I realized that the sun had came out, revealing the crystals dark purple reflection and the only thing I said to myself at that moment was "What beauty" and then started my day.

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So beautiful . . . !
Thank you Ayzik, Wholeness . . . !
Peace, wut sites have good crystals?
You can go here - http://www.bestcrystals.com/crystals2.html

Or you can always get your bucks worth at Ebay, just type the name of the crystal you want in the search bar.
thanks how would you suggest finding the right type for you
Also, try to stick with the natural formation of the crystal, such as the clusters; as the polished ones tend to affect the crystals energy.
That is up to you my friend. For whatever reason, you may want to use the crystal to mainly clear and balance your Chakra centers. You should start with the Celestite crystal, which is known to be the dream crystal.

Celestite - The Dream Crystal
Chemical Composition: Celestite is strontium sulfate, sometimes with much Barium.

Hardness: 3 - 3 1/2

Occurrence: Sky-blue colored brittle clusters of crystals, orthorhombic in structure, transparent to translucent. In the U.S. celestite may be found in New York, Ohio, and California. Excellent specimens are currently found in Madagascar. Also called celestine.

Metaphysical Properties: Clarity of mind, clear communication skills, balances energies, calming, harmonious. Excellent for use in dream recall and astral travel. In healing, celestite replaces pain with loving light. This delicate and exquisite crystal is lovely to behold.

Corresponding Astrological Sign: Gemini


Good luck finding your crystal!

Wholeness and Wellbeing . . . !
good stuff! something that was brought to my attention recently was building and using crystal grids. i havent seen much about them here on the resistance. some grids are set up using [un]sacred geometry but you can build your own however you wish. im gonna build one today and experiment with it. ill gladly share what ive found when im done.


Cool, sounds experimental.

I'm not too familiar with crystal grids but, would this be an example?

Oh, okay I see.



Sacred Geometry grid

Looking forward to seeing yours . . . !
Crystal Grids

There are different kinds of crystal structures that are called grids. There are so many kinds and forms that we not going to be able to explore very many of them at this time and will just begin with a general introduction and few simple forms . I usually work with very simple grids rather than the more elaborate and esoteric forms and do not find them any less effective than more elaborate grids or those made with a lot of formal ritual . Your experience may differ.

Some grids are large structures placed on the ground which connects with the ley lines of the Earth which are the planetary equivalent of the meridian channels and other energy channels in people . All the crystal within the Earth can be thought of as being elements of a huge grid . There are groups of people who go around placing crystals in the ground to restore the Earths' crystal grid where they feel that it is broken or disrupted and other groups who feel that this creates disharmony in the the Earth grid. ( I don't know if they follow the first group around taking crystals out or not.) Stone structures at centers of spiritual energy Such as Stonehenge and medicine wheels are also sometimes called stone grids.Some people call the layouts of crystals which are sat within or placed around and over the body, grids.




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