It's a video done by James Gilliland. Anyone heard of him? It's a great documentary. You can google "contact has begun" and watch the 1 1/2 hr video. Would like to know what people think about it.

Peace and Love,

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Indeed contact has already begun We are here but do you recognize Us. lol

posted it here a couple/few days ago..

Did you happen to download that.
hi bro, (thanks for the site =) <3
was the download question to myself? [had to be, right?] lol
if so, Yes i have this downloaded on my external drive, from the DVD ( much better version than this) lol
i can link you so you can acquire the same, if you desire.
ohh yeah, To Amilcar~

You said you would like to know what people think about this,
I think this profound 'stuff'! (for lack of a better word) lol
and i find the fact that James did not even begin this journey with "extraterrestrials" or multi dimensional beings in the first place, he simply had an experience that made him see everything differently,
starteed seeking spirituality,
and these beings are the ones who sought for James, not james seeking them!
I could talk about this stuff for hours, and have on many many occasions. lol...

I dont want to take allot of "time" right now,
but in closing... I have a close friend who lives appx 15 miles from Mt. Adams and you can see the mountain from his road! lol
He also sees allot of activity in the skies near those washington mountains.

Nice to be here amongst all of you at this point in space,
it is indeed about to get more interesting than many care to imagine!! :D Love n Blessings
Solomon <3



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