Consciousness is the Devise for Everything - Knowing, Seeing, Hearing, Time travel, Experiencing and Creating The Holographic Reality of Life.

Consciousness is an operator, a device which can recognize itself and chooses its desired activity. Just like putting a tape in and playing it, changing the tape, tuning into a channel, traveling to another place, observing another place, sensing another, sensing and regenerating ourself etc

Reference Arcady Petrov "Light of eternity"  and Gregori Petrovich Grabovoi. I have two videos referencing this information. The neo techniques is an example of a way to focus on activating our desire to heal an organ inside us. We use our visualization techniques. There are many other of these out there. We just need a focusing tool. The Shamans can use their minds to hold thoughts, to stay focused and they then can traverse through the holographic worlds, do things and return.

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This explains Arcady Petrov's discoveries. He teaches people how to heal themselves.

Thank you for this!

You are very welcome. I just did the neo video and it worked great!

I'm excited.



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