Hi all,

Just started a regimen, and would like some insight or some feedback.

Here's where I'm at right now: 

I'm experiencing much energy in all parts of my body.  For instance, when I focus my attention on certain areas, I can feel the energy there - its a tingling sensation, and at times the vibration expands.   

I especially feel it when I practice relaxation techniques, or just energy awareness techniques - especially in the solar plexus and the heart area.

I was meditating, and focusing on my breathing - I felt the energy up my spine, and it was around my shoulder area, just below my neck.  I guess you can say I was doing some sort of combo breath of fire/whole body breathing methods (as I was just feeling the energy).  I came to a point where my shoulder area was burning...felt like a sunburn, and honestly it kind of hurt.  

Q: Is the energy getting stuck around my shoulder area? What's going on? 

Feels like my mind is going moving at light speed at times, not in an ADD kind of way, its more like, getting more insights.   Like I look at my phone - I see the home button, realize its a pentagram, thinking women, womb, mother, house, nature, nurture etc.. lol.

I also just found this book as well.   

WBV all.  

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! will share.



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