Lately when I help somebody wash their car we always ask, what is this sticky yellow substance?!?! birdshit?? NO. Tree Sap?? NO. Does anybody know if this sticky yellow crap that sticks on cars is linked to the chemtrails from those stupid airplanes I see all the time in the Valley???(San Francisco, CA). What can we do to protect ourselves from this?Anything else besides wearing a gas mask or going to the jungle??

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(In Ah-nold voice) MOVE TO DA JUNGLE! DO IT! DO IT NAOWW!! lol It is possible that the yellow film has something to do with chemtrails. But it may also just be pollen. Here is a site I found on combating the effects of chemtrails: 

You can also do some basic googling on how to remove heavy metals from your body....and maybe even google what jungle you may want to move to ;) Hope this helps! Wholeness!


Hey there, your so right cemtrails has become a real problem, and I believe what they have been doing has started to take a toll on people. Here is something I stumbled upon that I thought you might find it very interesting. I found that there is a link between Lymphoma, and T -cells and cemtrails, and T- cell mutation." Go figure hue?" I came across if while reading some research about both for two separate reasons on the same day .I've been labeled with lymphoma so we were looking up organic remedies other than the option the Doctor gave of surgery, but early in the week I saw your post but could not find what I was looking for regarding the cemtrails, and the Indians solution for it and that’s is to call upon the Rocky Mountain Grid a powerful force field that you can ask to shield you and your family/loved ones from harm of the trails, I've been using that for a couple of years i live in a high spray area in CT, but I couldn’t find that article for you so I moved on to something else. However, I came back to the issue again when someone in chat was asking for some information on a cure for the goo in the trails latter on in the week, so I did my best and posted this in the chat . then later as I stated I fond this for my supposed lymphoma anyhow, I didn’t just want to show the connection between Lymphoma, T-cells, and cemtrails, but I also wanted to show the connection that we have to all things when we need something. We get what we need when we need it, information will be validated and things will be confirmed, this has been one consistent fact in my journey, so I hope this is a good start for your research on cemtrails, I know it was for mine. : }


Hey Howard, thanks a lot for your prompt response... It seems we are to recourse to nature for protection in her bosom... and I truly appreciate the information about the Lymphoma since my mother was recently diagnosed Lymphoma Leukemia" and will extract whatever information possible in order to help my mother.. this chemtrails situation angers since its affecting thousands upon thousands of people and they just don't STOP spraying!.. Once again thanks best wishes from me to you Howard. Keep it Balanced 

You are most welcome, and wow, you’re mom hue? Well, now you have something that is bound to work because, that treatment for Lymphoma was a added helpful thing that came from our conversation, and of course is good conformation for me that all is well in the universe even if its messed up with chemtrails. I'm ordering my herbs today from Amazon best wishes, wholeness and many positive vibes my friend. : }




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