Energy is all around and i found a way to plugging the body to the source just observing small babies, childs and also my little chihuahua who masters the technique.

They all stretch their bodies when awake.

I  am actually practicing my own stretching charging "asana" which is standing in a straight vertical position, lifting arms up and all fingers open  (fingers are ANTENAS), then raising on tip toe lifts arms tight stretching arms and fingers with strength like trying to reach the stars!

You feel the energy running through your body, charging it.

When getting back to a relaxed position, you feel the body replenished with vitality!

Does anyone experienced other ways to charge CHI on the body?

Balanced vibrations,

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Yes, for me it's Tai Chi and meditation as well as regular fitness work out, cooking food with love and generally staying optimistic (do your soul's work and believe in the purpose! and that it will become fulfilled) can keep charging you. 

I know what you mean with stretching, Stretching like a tree to heaven and with roots to the core of the earth and then relaxing does fill you with a different feeling of your body, although I'm not sure how much you actually gain just by stretching,.. it is necessary. Depending on your definition of stretching, you could say breathing is stretching, and tensing muscles is stretching, but i find this to be worthy of more explanation and in depth analysis. 

I find a full cycle is necessary for actually gaining and making sure the energy stays, just look at the set up of the planet and become enlightened! Then enlighten others to stay strong with the force! :)

What I mean by this is so simple: we have and are on a planet (earth), a sun (sol-grand vitalizer) supplies us with energy and an intermediary, who still sends light during night time... the moon, the moon goes through its waxing and waning stages of passing on energy to the earth (full moon, dark moon), the sun goes through a bigger version of this every 11 years but it is practically un-feelable to us if we are just starting to develop spiritually. You/One has to calculate your waking and sleeping cycles and find balance, why? 

Because too much stretching will also leave you sore... That's why I say Tai Chi, it's got it all figured out, balance of polarities. If you go to the gym and over-exert yourself with exercise, go over your limit, and don't eat/ breath/ sleep well, you actually find out you are damaging yourself and losing muscle. The opposite of that is a fine art and a fine science and what we are all interested in here.

Wholeness, hope you find this help full! :)



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