It is finished, a great work achieved, the Chakra tuner from bottom to top perfectly calibrated for the 7 Chakras.

Just so everyone knows there are 7 of these and you will find them by going to the "first" page of the comments. You will find another post by me with the rest of the tones attached.

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I have a mac too. Right click on the file and select "Download As", that did it for me.

Thanks for response Keisha.  That is how I downloaded every other file, but this one is a different kind, and so far it doesn't offer a download option anywhere that I can see.  I've tried a number of things including burning it to a CD and then re importing it, but so far nothing has worked. I am wondering if anyone has it in another file type.

U can mail me ur email address and I will email it to u in a file to download. I'm hoping that will work. I have all the files in itunes but i can export it to quicktime before I send it.

Thank you Keisha. Will do.

thanks for this present


this is awesome, thank you.

2c-Earth 2.wav 2c-Earth 2.wav, 15.2 MB is not working

I just tested it and had an issue getting it, but the second time received it.

Don't know that i've experienced these before, gratitude manifested and sent for the work.

Thank you for this. I am not sure if it worked totally, some seemed to be short. Maybe that was intended.

Anyways i could feel them all releasing torrents of energy. Some more so than others, but I am sure that is caused by my current internal programming in coresponse to the tunes. Very well done. Thank you again.

Gentle yet powerful,
Thank you for creating
These beautiful resonances.My whole body is smiling.

These are really great, Sevan!!  Thank you!

Hey Sevan i have a question. Can you tell me please what software did you use to create this? 



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