Hello Everyone,
This is my first post and I'm a little nervous but I found something today that I wanted to get some feedback on if anyone has any to give. 

I have a google alert on a few things that interest me so whenever anything is posted to the web in the news or a blog I get sent an email with links to the new content. One of the words I have an alert for is CERN today I got a link to something I feel is important but I don't know exactly why. I have read the code and that is mostly why I think I could even recognize that this is significant to us, something we should be aware of. I'm hoping someone who is "in the know" may already be aware of it and even better, be able to explain what is really going on. 

Ok here is the link http://cerncourier.com/cws/article/cern/45435

Take note of the right side of the page where it has "key suppliers"
And below that "featured companies".  One of the companies was Caen, and many others that symbolically have significance.

At the end of the article it provides a link where interested (countries?) parties can apply to get access to the 5 test facilities, CERN and DESY are the first two. Also I thought it was interesting how the word apply is made bold. Not sure why but that strikes me as odd. 

Below that is an orange band that has website info, the standard and what jumped out at me there is the word Ezekial. 

You see, there are so many little things that I have to wonder if when added all up, it's a big thing. My personal take on what CERN is really about is time travel. At least that's one of the things..  The language seems to be industry specific. 

One other thing, when I clicked on Ezekial Which is apparently a web page design the designer says that his was "unspired" by ..  I don't recall who, that was as far down the hole I wanted to go at that time. The use of "unspired" made me immediately think of "innerstanding" and the code to the matrix. 

Ok that's about all I have time to write right now, am I on to something or am I reading too much into this?

Any input would be appreciated. 

Blessings, sunny

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I just wanted to add, the content of the link is where my interest is and what I hope someone can shed some light on. All of the other little things I noticed were just little things I noticed. Wasn't sure if that was clear. 

Xoxo s

In my opinion, the only time I ever read about CERN or its equals is when there absolutely must be something said; whether that be to cover up some major associated situation or to cover up and downplay some external world media situation. As far as what is REALLY going on with CERN, I feel there is too much speculation for me to formulate a truth-based idea. However, it is easy to tell the hands working the strings, even if you keep it as basic as CER - SERpent. That alone gives me some idea as to the intention behind this tool. The fact that the website article posts companies like JANIS and ET entERpriSES is also telling of their affiliation and who/what supports their endeavors.

That being said, I do find it curious that they will allow certain research groups to enter and use these expensive, specialized facilities. Though, the way they describe the program reminds me a LOT of the new V series and their 'live aboard program'. I feel like perhaps this 'decree', if you will, is a precursor to being an easy hand for this life dimensions' 'aliens' (y'know, the ones obsessed with factions) to dig in quickly.

beth, thank you for your thoughtful reply, i appreciate the feedback!! 


i delved a little further into it and looked at the fp7 newsletter... there is so much double talk, i mean i'm reading the words but they aren't saying anything.  


i skimmed through the announcements in the newsletter two things jumped out at me, it was all weird but two things that grabbed me was in one of the announcements they were announcing how their scientists had been able to under strict lab conditions convince test subjects that a prosthetic arm (a third arm) was real and part of their body.  


another article a few after the arm thing i think it was item 27 or 29 they have a sentence using using the word people, but it's like this "people".  i wrote this reply yesterday and had the links but upon signing in i see i didn't post it i guess.  i'll look and see if i can get links to what i'm talking about.  


okay here is the arm thing

30 . Brain believes false third arm is real 
[Date: 2011-03-10 ]

Ever wished you had a third arm? Researchers in Sweden have discovered a way of making people believe that they really do have an extra limb. Under controlled laboratory conditions, scientists managed to fool people into thinking a prosthetic arm was actually part of their body. The study, published in the journal PLoS ONE, was funded in part by a European Research Council (ERC) grant under the Seventh ... read more


here is the "people thing" 

27 . Call for proposals under the 2011 work programme 'People' of the Se...
[Date: 2011-03-11 ]

The European Commission has published a call for proposals under the 2011 work programme 'People' of the Seventh EC Framework Programme for Research, Technological Development and Demonstration Activities. 

This initiative aims to reinforce the network of National Contact Points (NCP) for the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) under the 'People' theme, by promoting trans-national co-operation. The action ... read more


does anyone here know anything about the 7th framework programme? 


i would really appreciate any help from anyone with regards to deciphering what is really being said behind the double speak. 


thank you again beth for your contribution. much appreciated!! 






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