This thread will consist of the manga Shaman King.
A 64 episode show best viewed in japanese with english subtitles,
but also available in english overdub.

The latter being somewhat watered down, the former being deeper, full of truth and profound meaning.

I would like to post each episode and engage in dialogue that is applicable to our current experiences with the oversoul and shamanic states of mind whether thru the use of plants, music, dance or trance.

Enjoy , the show is great

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All of the above on the seeking/observing path these days feel merged a lot of the time open-eyed 'meditation' in flow out flow. Along the way I would chance upon the 'next step' hindsight brings the picture into further wholeness and it seems the pearls were laid for me/by me along the way. I am grateful for the care of the oversoul. Always look forward to what comes next as there is always a next when one leaves the karmic wheel stagnant pools of rigid belief system.

Big ups on this man! Only glanced over this show before, been going through it in the past couple days. Inspired me to reconnect with an old friend ;) thanks!

'Humans can only reveal their true potential duning an absolutely critical situation'- Anna



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