This thread will consist of the manga Shaman King.
A 64 episode show best viewed in japanese with english subtitles,
but also available in english overdub.

The latter being somewhat watered down, the former being deeper, full of truth and profound meaning.

I would like to post each episode and engage in dialogue that is applicable to our current experiences with the oversoul and shamanic states of mind whether thru the use of plants, music, dance or trance.

Enjoy , the show is great

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Episode 1

"Yoh, Morty!" / "A Boy Who Dances with Ghosts"
"Yūrei to Odoru Shōnen" (幽霊と踊る少年) 

(episode1 @my videos)

Trying to prove that Yoh Asakura, the new transfer student, can talk to spirits, thirteen-year-old Manta Oyamada (Morty) gets in trouble with the gang of Ryu of the Wooden Sword. When everything seems bound to go bad for him, however, he gets help from an unexpected source. 

I love this show ( specifically Anna and Yoh Asakura) and i think theres much to learn here. I think it will be interesting if we can get a small book group together to read 'THE WAY OF THE SHAMAN' concurrent with watching this anime. Anyone with it, just let me know…i won't take up space if no one else is interested.

Okay so there's 7 chapters in the way of the shaman with an afterword.  

The shaman king series has 64 episodes.

Every 8 episodes watched can match 1 chapter read. I look forward to a discussion but if no one participates i'll joyfully engage in a self dialogue concerning the subject matter. this should be fun, educational and experiential for there is no shaman without experience..

episode one starts out with a young boy in night school. when he exits he gazes at the moon and then decides to take an alternate route home and hears someone calling his name…turns out to be yoh asakura talking to the stars. yoh asks the young boy, morty to come over and watch the stars with everyone. morty exclaims 'everyone!?..isnt your grammar wrong?'. yoh then reveals all his spirit buddies totally freaking morty day in school morty tries to tell his classmates but they don't believe him and end up ridiculing him. yoh is introduced as a new student  that day and the story begins…morty tries to reveal yohs true indentity--short synopsis

i never watched dbz but i remember when it was the rage. i'm sure the creators of that had some key lessons in that series tho.  i'm a big fan of the shaman king, but more so of the living shaman kin-those of us drawn to the way of the shaman. i hope those that are drawn to this post will read the book the way of the shaman also…theres much to be exchanged. stay strong, get stronger. til next time

Thanks for the excuse to watch animation I had not seen this I believe my brother used to watch so I am sure I caught snippets. Shaman: one who links worlds this is known to me. Subjective/objective. Rainbow bridge. Etc. Manta embodies many children (and adults) gifted with the sight who are invalidated by others around them. He is tenacious and eventually gets his way as far as proving what he witnessed but many children close off their abilities because of the ignorance and carelessness surrounding them. I feel this needs to change and will.

Asakura is able to connect to higher self I wonder if he uses this ability/connection other ways besides fighting. I tend to sense an altercation prior and remove myself from any incident. Connection to higher self and the spiritual world around me has taught me, amongst many other things, to choose my day and become aware when any energy wishes to challenge that choice. I can then engage or avoid prior. Also reminds me of a deep meditation I went into some time ago. I was prompted to connect to a 'future' self who had gained many tools and was able to transfer some 'back' to me as my physical body could hold at the time. In this state I have gained increased resiliency and ability to sense that which is around me.

Look forward to the next episode and further discussion. Would also be willing to read The Way of the Shaman I believe I started it once before. Appreciate that Michael Harner began as an archaeologist then reconnected with shamanism himself. Reminds me of another author, Carlos Castaneda (A Yaqui way of knowledge, etc.) who began his research objectively then learned the 'way.'

This is so well received and i'm happy you took a moment to awaken the inner child. your analysis is right on the money and i'm happy theres someone to engage in this discussion because i feel there is a lot being told in these stories. yea i prefer the japanese version because the script is more solid, but on occasion it was nice seeing how the english was overdubbed and how it varied from the original. i anticipated that 8 episodes per 1 chapter of the way of shaman would be an appropriate pace. maybe this can even be a core curriculum for the kids once the school is in effect. hey….we just might be developing the curriculum right now

Yes reconnection with the multidimensional/etc. self and 'unseen' forces surrounding as well as the jewels within is a must in relation to teaching and the 'upbringing' of children. Do you have a link to the pdf for the book by any chance?

I would love to be part of the book club 'The way of the Shaman' my friend Jana told me you were going to start. I really love Carlos Castaneda's work & would love to be a part of your group.  I will send a friend request.  My handle is R-MORE on the resistance site, but my name is Roxanne.  Sounds exciting.

It's more like a book club consisting of watching the shaman king and reading the way of the shaman. Every 8 episodes to each chapter of the book. Lemme know when u get to ep2

Gracias Daniel sun for the cool manga recommendation. Either way its random to me because throughout the years i've been on the Resistance website i've never seen any mangas jajaja. Thanks again for the out of the box recommendation and will let you know wassup after i check it out ! 

Those reading the book

… attention to the character in shaman king named ryu as the series continues and see if you find him to be very much similar to the writer of the way of the shaman?

How does everyone else tap into 'OVERSOUL'?

 Do you use an entheogen?

Do you have a special technique?

Do you enchant certain words?

Do you remember yourself during an empowering/traumatic event? 

Please feel free to share



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