I just wanted some opinions on caffeine and the effects it has on calcifying the pineal gland.  I've read that the major toxins to pineal are, caffeine, alcohol, heavy metals and fluoride.  I just read an article that stated studies are showing that people with high caffeine intake are more likely to have their pineal gland activated due to possible sleep  deprivation, or some had higher cases of esp.  What are your thoughts on this?

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HaHa, it's a very hard thing to give up.  Some people drink it to wake up but I just love the smell and taste of real good coffee.

In Biology of Kundalini she says she still drinks coffee because it is grounding and helps energy return to the egoic frontal lobe to allow one to "fend" for oneself in the world, but that coffee on a nervous system that is in sublime reconstruction is not a good idea because of the extra cortisol production and the many destructive compounds within coffee. Wholeness

Coffee is natural2 earth and therefore in moderation is fine when consumed. If you start pounding a few cans of energy drinks a day you/ll find problems.



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