I have a very question. It may be off subject or not. For the past few days I have felt a buzzing (like a faint cell phone ringing vibration) in my left seat area. It actually functions as if a cell phone is actually ringing. It is very consistent. The vibration starts frequently lasting anywhere from 5-15 seconds, pausing in between and restarting. This happens about 4-5 times then stops and foes it again every hour. I feel like I'm missing a call seriously. What is going on? Could it be linked to a chakra or something more physical? This is the first time I have ever felt this.

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Energy implant maybe? Suddenly my body is sore and tense. I need help asap family!
I would like to add....this buzzing started after I acknowledged I would study my cousin's transition as I was aware she would transition soon. I saw her Wednesday 8/19/15. I spoke of the transition the morning of 8/20/15 and the weather changed drastically the same night. She transitioned early Friday morning 8/21/15, and the buzzing started the following Friday 8/28/15, the day after her funeral which was 8/27/15. Its 8/31/15 and my upper body is sore like crazy. Something happened here.

its your sound 

the yoga chakra book which is on the opening page on this site explains this clearly in more details and

much much more.

ahien you tube page has a ringing in ear explanation by 7evan 

also there is ringing in the earing /buzzing in the ears old post in the general section on this site its a post from last year i believe and secret energy website has a ask section on this subject and many more.

Thank you so much. I have definitely learned to cope with it.



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