There may be a few techniques that some might be forgetting in all this data that we must sift through daily. Know this, beyond all things your breathing will be the most important. It is a gesture from the Most High, a free High air is.

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position keep legs spread to the distance of the pelvic bone while keeping heels straight to open the small hole in the Coccyx.

Air from the diaphragm can be pulled into the sacral canal and actually exit the tip of the Coccyx. Its all in the position of the legs.

Put a smile on your face (this helps relax your mind and body). We are more than aware that sometimes one can get pissed off at the situation, especially in the beginning as emotions run rampart, this is normal. However, the posture itself of the smile is needed to open certain things, so smile even if you don't feel like it. ;-)

Place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth (this connects the two main energy channels in your body). This is the one of the most important things these new meditators always forget. This is called the Kings Chamber, the tongue must be placed there or you can only go so high, period. Passage.

Breathe through your nose in slow, gentle, deep breaths.
As you breathe in, gently pull your lower stomach in a little.
As you breathe out, let your stomach out.

The upper part of the body belongs to yang energy; the lower part of the body belongs to yin energy. Breathing in is a part of yin energy;
breathing out is yang.
Some people think it is simply good to hold the breathe as long as possible, try breathing out completely and then holding. This is much harder as there is very little oxygen in the body, but it is also another door of perception, very useful. One of the reasons we get sick is that yin and
yang energies are not communicating well. This happens very often in spiritual transformation as you are adjusting. By pulling your lower stomach
in as you inhale and letting it out as you exhale, you are enhancing the
communication of the yin and yang energies.

This is the body part of energy breathing. Now we connect it with the mind and spirit by utilizing simple visualization and mental focus. See the Cymatics Universal Language post to get familiar with Universal symbols which correspond to sound, color, etc. Say in your mind the “password”: I am Universal. That connects to my body. If you choose to use a different password, that is fine. The words
are not as important as their meaning—you are not alone. You are

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This is excellent. The feeling of the smile is very important in many qi gong exercises as well. The tip of the tongue is always to the roof of the mouth. If you observe from the illustration that the lower vertebrae are arched. In standing, the pelvis is tilted a bit forward to straighten this. The head is also pulled up from the crown (bai hui) to tilt the chin "in" as to straighten the upper vertebrae in the neck to align with the back. This allows a clear path through the spine (also aligning the three dantien). from the tip of the coccyx (wei lui) to the crown (bai hui).

"As you breathe in, gently pull your lower stomach in a little."

this can be used to compress "chi" and also massage organs
Nima you are so thorough it absolutely fascinates me. Wholeness! :-)
Thank you on this information sevan.. I was very unaware on how important breathing with your tongue at the roof of ya mouth could be.. WBV!!
Thanks alot sevan.
I instantly feel blissful when breathing like this :)
Thank you Sevan!

yet another audio...

great post thanks WBV

My question is, what is the difference between this breathing method as opposed to the natural method of every-day breathing where one's diaphram pushes the stomach out with inhalation and pulls the stomach in for exhalation?

it's nice to read the technique for the whole body breathing. i didn't know that pressing the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of the mouth helped in meditation

Unless I'm mistaken, this post advises that the stomach should contract inward during inhalation, but the whole body breathing & crystal meditation video advises that whole body breathing be down w/ the stomach filling outwardly during inhalation. Are these two different breathing practices? And does anyone know the energetic differences w/ the whole body breathing is this technique is designed to compress yin & yang together?



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