As many of us know, the English Language is composed of many other languages ranging from Old French to Latin, because of this fact, we tend to say things not knowing what the true meaning is. For those of us that are new to the spiritual journey, it is beneficial to have an ETYMOLOGY book and other word origin books available. As recommended to me, you should purchase or burrow books with a copyright of early 80s or older, due to revisions to hide the "TRUE" meaning of words. I personally have an OXFORD ETYMOLOGY book published in 1966. I mentioned a word that I use to commonly use in the chat room, which BLESS. I will not use that word again. Please feel free to advise on other words that may mean an entirely something different.  LETS BREAK THE SPELL!!!!


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 Another word to look up is Judgement.

Smart - be acutely painful; feel sharp pain, suffer severely for.............



Thank you. Smart is a word we use commonly and I never thought to look up the meaning.



this is great information. Do you use a metaphysical bible as a reference?

amazing. the devil has only one power and that is hypnosis. his tool is the words which are used to hypnotise the unenlightened ones ( what a surprise the whole world is slowly being enticed into speaking "english". please keep up the good work!

Very keen on word play esp More Muur Moor/e

Its all about reversing the spell/curse. Highly appreciate your input on word play, i have learned that the dropping or adding of letters is another way of disguising the origin of the true meaning of a word or title.

excellently de-ciphering,


lux = light

cipher = key 


what other keys do we have? oh let's see, the memory key. the chi ki, the fire key, the earth key and the air ki. 

hehe, thank you brother khemet



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