As many of us know, the English Language is composed of many other languages ranging from Old French to Latin, because of this fact, we tend to say things not knowing what the true meaning is. For those of us that are new to the spiritual journey, it is beneficial to have an ETYMOLOGY book and other word origin books available. As recommended to me, you should purchase or burrow books with a copyright of early 80s or older, due to revisions to hide the "TRUE" meaning of words. I personally have an OXFORD ETYMOLOGY book published in 1966. I mentioned a word that I use to commonly use in the chat room, which BLESS. I will not use that word again. Please feel free to advise on other words that may mean an entirely something different.  LETS BREAK THE SPELL!!!!


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Here are a couple of words some may use that does not have any correlation to what we tend to use them for:







There are a plethora of words being used that keep us under a spell, once we filter out those words only then will we bring into existence what we truly mean and want in our lives. Please research the word word itself, you will find that words are actually living and play a major role in how we live.

Perhaps we should have a guide here on this very site of the worst ones, the most common to be given false meanings. These are presented the way they were written where it could be, though accents etc are off on the e's for example, brackets on the end are my comments, brackets within are the text.

A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary by John R. Clark Hall, Second Edition.

Dreamcraft - Art of Music (Balanced Vibrations to all !!!!)
Dream - Joy, Gladness, Delight, Ecstasy, Mirth, Rejoicing, Melody, Music, Song
Dreamere - Musician
Dreamless - Joyless, Sad

They go on like that on the dream side of things.

Tieman - To bring forth, engender, propagate, make answerable for another person, call as witness, vouch to warranty. (Think about that next time you put on a tie for someone else!)
Team - Descendant, Family, Race, Line, Child-bearing, company, band. Vouching to warranty, right of jurisdiction in matters of warranty

Lofte - *Hex*, aloft, in the air.
Lor - to *lore*, to lose, loss, destruction
Rot - (Hrot) but Rot, With the accent over the O, is glad, cheerful, bright, noble, excellent.

Lustful - *Wishful* Desirous
Stand - Delay
Rod - Rood, Cross, Gallows (More confining than you think?)
Ripe - Mature
+Risen - Seizure (Ring any bells for what might rise?)


Centaurie - Centaury, *Plant*
Draca - Dragon, Sea Monster, *The Devil* (Pretty much all the Dra(e) words are that of dread, distress, rubbish etc.)

Possibilities, certainly need more research:

Feast - Faest (Lot of references to poverty, poor, destitute, miserable, helpless) The words Fea* were considered bad news as a general rule.
Starian, To Stare, Gaze (Gaze at Stars?)
Chor, Chora, dance, choir (singers) Church-Choir - Place (Chor, Choir came before the introduction of church buildings?)
Reclic - Circumstantial, detailed, ample (relic?)
Red - Raed, Raed, *Rede* Raedan
Some of the G words were ripped out, seems a bit fishy. Especially as they had to do with Yule and rewards for past deeds. Definitely worth looking at.

Useful words to know:

Reccan = to stretch, tend, go, extend, hold out, give, explain, interpret, tell, narrate.
correct, reprove, to wield, give judgment, decide, direct, control, prove, count, reckon,
to take care of, be interseted in, care for, care, desire, *to do something.*

Est = Favour, Grace, Bounty, Kindness, Love, Harmony, Consent, Delicacies

Prica = Prick, Point, Dot, Small Point in Space and Time

he he - indicates laughter ( :), good to know this was there too. Cycles can repeat even in the smallest ways.)


It is a worthy goal, there are many rabbit holes but we can put together what we find.
If you find something earlier than this that contradicts, (from a none altered source), please feel free to correct.

Thank you for sharing, the list can go on and on but its worth the time and I know now is the time or AWAKENING or ENLIGHTENMENT. I will assist in creating the guide by adding more words. A word a day.

you just made my night with these >

Dreamcraft - Art of Music (Balanced Vibrations to all !!!!)
Dream - Joy, Gladness, Delight, Ecstasy, Mirth, Rejoicing, Melody, Music, Song
Dreamere - Musician


Thank you for the extra break down of words, its very helpful in getting us to see how slick they are with wordplay.

The entire "be-less" issue has been very interesting. i noticed a few years back i started sneezing every time i had some sort of epiphany that "rang with truth" as if my frequency was being instantly lifted by the power packed high vibration of the realization which has now shown to be true hence a curse like "God Bless You" being used against someone rising in frequency.

You can see that some of these false words have a stronger hold than others, but they are worth noting.

Tried to keep the ones that stood out at the top. Mostly written out as read.


A Concise Etymological Dictionary Of The English Language (1882)


Vote - a vow, to vow, promise by a vow. (This is one more reason they are so keen for voters.)

Gate (2) also means 'a way' (As well as gate)
Nightmare - An Incubus, to Crush
Guy - a hideous creature, fright, an effigy of Guy Fawkes

Mystery - A secret Rite, to initiate, one who is initiated.


Soda - a kind of fearn, ashes whereof they make glasses, solide, tough, probably from the hardness of products obtained from glass.
Magazine - A Storehouse, A laying up in store.
Sofa - Rich, *root*, to draw up in a line, to put a seat to a saddle. (Rooted in front of the TV)
Girl - often used to mean 'a boy' as well.
Virtue - Manly Excellence, a man. (No wonder it is made to seem uncool to the younger generation).


So - One's own, *in one's own way*
Soak - to suck, to suck up imbibe (imbibe means to drink alcohol or to absorb or assimilate ideas/knowledge, propaganda you imbied in your youth)
Nymph - A Bride (Should be a term of respect?)


Needs Research:
Goal - the winning-post in a race (But also hints of), an impediment, whence, to impede, goal may have meant stopping place.
Goodbye - God be with you. (Some more notes worth looking up)


You have been their experiment. Let's keep up decoding the curses, seals, and false meanings attached to language. A few a day is good stuff.

Thanks all for the contributions, it has been interesting.



As always replace anything that is found to be incorrect elsewhere, many holes to find information in.

Calender - Calendarium, Calendar, Kalender

Calendarium, means account book. Time is money programming by the Romans.


Try using Old English in your searches to perhaps deepen the rabbit hole. You can get plenty of 1800's text and a few older ones if you are lucky.


I'll stick to one or two choice ones at a time now, so not to spam the thread too much and allow me to do some research on each.


Source: A dictionary of the Old English language, compiled from writings of the XII. XIII. XIV. and XV. centuries (1873) (Further research done on the roman term)



Do as many words as you see fit. Look up the word person and individual as a legal term, i looked the words in a Blacks Law Dictionary.


      Really like this post. Decided to purchase an Oxford Etymology book published in 1966. Same year as your's, $25 shipped on line. Looking forward to contributing.

Grotesque - decorative painting or sculpture with fantastic interweaving of forms; To work of such a character, fantastically extravagant.

Interesting perspective.



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