in the middle of the night i was woken up by my body vibrating heavily, my ears were buzzing badly, and i was completely paralized!!

There was this sound like an electronic fuzz or something... i got really scared and i was trying really hard to move but couldnt..

i thought there was like an earthquake or like something was happening.. ( end of the world.. lol)

but ive had this before many many times.. or i 'd wake up with the feeling that i have fallen into my bed..

i have an idea of what it could be.. My astral body or something???

And my dreams are crazy as well.. but thats another post!!!!!

what do y'all think it could be???

ps i have tried to go into my atral body befrore but it never worked.. and i stopped for a while.. but this happened last night after visiting THE RESISTANCE!!!

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You are activating, the best thing for you to do is have no fear. Each time you must see if you can go further, allow your courage to get stronger, and keep in mind you are not doing this for you, you are doing this to help others on a higher level, like family, friends and many others who will need you. These thought will give you the strength you will need. It may take a moment to return to your body, during these times it feels as if you are lost and cannot find your body or even remember who you are really. Do not mind this as it is a by product of returning back to 3D, Earth Dimension 3. Let me know your progress Blyss, We are here for you, on both sides.
Thanks Sevan.. It really conforting knowing that i can share these experiences, and its true FEAR really makes it difficult , but i will listen to your advice and be positive next time.. :)
Wow, very interesting and scary experiences! Its good that you responded 'I just want to love' to these entities, If it were me I would probably panic.



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