Namaste brothers and sisters, i would you to share your opinion/information/self expierience about what i feel inside of my body.

First there is like a heart beat in every organ of my body,and every "body heart as i call" response to my feelings,emotions, words, sounds, people, nature, 

Second, very quick regeneration of body, like cuts, bleeding just stops in a second if i concentrate

Third, in some parts of my body there's like a circulations of warmth sometimes is so hot that i'm sweating, 

fourth, its very hard to keep balance between "heart beats"

please share your expierence and opinions, whats it is , how to manifest it, harmonise it.
Thank you,
wb, please respond to me privately if you would love to heart to heart talk, love

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Wholeness Bernardas!  These experiences could be led on by multiple factors.  Would you be willing to share more about your regimen?   

Soon im going to share my expierence, finally I/m on my way, these heartbeats as i named it is chackra centers, i was confused first of all, couse noone felt it same way as i before so every answer i need it to find myself, thank for your responce love, wholeness and balance

heat is when the body is overproducing energy. the ether inside you is activated being applied to you. or your current consciousess is healing you. this power, the heat, manifests in healers. rapid regeneration is also a special ability few i know have. for me i subconsciouly seal off the blood from coming out when shaving. 90% of the time it works. when it doesnt i know i pushed down too hard.

possible kundalini awakening



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